Path of Exile

If you want Path of Exile 2 you can have patience point to a launch close to 2024

The delays in the world of videogames are usual, although it is not normal for a game to come to arrive three years after initially planned. But the pandemic has caused havoc in many developments and that makes it to enjoy games like Path of Exile 2, we will have to wait. As we see from the Portal The Gamer, place your arrival for before 2024 .

Your creatives say that the first act of the game is practically ready This makes your release be even more distant than we thought. The aforementioned half cited Chris Wilson, from Grinding Gear, who points out that Path of Exile 2 would arrive, as soon as 2024, and that the arrival of * the beta version for the public would be launched within a year or two * . Although all this should not catch surprise, since at the beginning of 2020, their responsible ones said at least, the game would go to 2022. Although everything points to it will go further.

The creative chatted at the Baeclast podcast and dropped all this information about the current state of Path of Exile 2 and the challenges that the team has exceeded in recent months. Later, he comments on the details about the public beta phase, indicating the two years of time for publication, arriving in the summer of 2023 in the worst case.

To provide something more light, the developer says that the team already has completed approximately 90% of the first act and on 75% of the second . Of course, the game has a total of seven intended acts, so there is a lot of work ahead. Meanwhile, fans can give the original Path of Exile, considered by many as one of the best A-RPG of recent years.