China regulatory authorities

The Chinese government was reported to review new regulations that restrict the US listing of Internet companies in their own.

According to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) on the 27th (Wall Street Journal (WSJ), China’s regulatory authorities said they are promoting these policies against technology companies that have user-related data.

WSJ quoted the sources of relevant issues on the same day, the Chinese Securities Supervisory Committee (CSRC) officials (CSRC) officials, The Chinese Securities Director Management Committee (CSRC), which recently, the Internet companies that have a large amount of data related to users to their foreign investors I noticed the new rule of prohibiting the overseas listing of overseas listing.

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It is said to be a listed overseas stock, but it is virtually interpreted as a listing of US stock market. There is also an analysis that the unique relationship that continues the fighting fighting in trade and security, etc.

CSRC was interrupted until new regulations were confirmed by the new regulations of overseas stocks of Chinese companies. However, new regulations have not yet been confirmed. The media said China plans to implement it in the fourth quarter.