Prepare your restrictive orders for Gal Gun Returns

Gal Gun is a Japanese bishōjo rail shooter video game developed by Inti Develops and released by Sorcerer. It was very first released on Xbox 360 in 2011, adhered to by a PlayStation 3 port a year later on. The video game takes place in an imaginary academy in Japan, where the gamer plays a male pupil, Tenzou Motesugi. He has to shoot his women classmates, that are running desperately after him, with Pheromone Arrows to stop them from making their companion, while he locates among the four lead girls prior to sundown.
A remastered version, labelled Gal Gun Returns, was launched in Japan and Asia for Nintendo Switch Over on January 28, 2021, as well as in The United States And Canada as well as Europe on February 12. A Microsoft Windows version was also launched globally on the same day.

The herm-esque anime games meet shooters on rails in Gal Gun. You may have heard of this series. I mean, I did not hear about it. It’s definitely the first time I hear about Gal Gun. A game where an unpopular masculine student sees his fantasy come true, where all the schoolgirls around falling in love with him is totally unrelated and never attract me. Now that all this is clarified, let me expressly explain the principle of Gal Gun games.

Gal*Gun VR Calls: 3rd years + Other (teachers and ghost girl)

In Gal Gun, the player is struck with a kind of love arrow, which helps him ~~ send in the air ~~ find love. In just about each of the games, the arrow is controlled and forces all girls to pursue it tirelessly. In order to repel these schoolgirls, the player must shoot them in their weaknesses, which are being erogenous zones, until they are sexually satisfied ~~ vanquished. There are four Gal Gun games; The Originals Gal Gun, Gal Gun: Double Peace, Gal Gun Vr and Gal Gun 2. The series was born in Japan (surprise, surprise), but has since found its way in the West.

Gal Gun: Double Peace, VR and 2 came out in North America, but the first game never arrived so far. Gal Gun Returns is the Remaster from Gal Gun and will come to the West for his tenth birthday. Gal Gun Returns will be available in 2021 on PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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