Enpoon 1 000 Series B Investment Unicorn company

[Eye News 24 Municipal Journal] Enipel joined the ranks of ‘Unicorn’ to refer to the corporate value of W1 trillion.

Enpoon (joint representative delivery, Jung Hyun-ho) announced on the 31 days that they attracted a series B investment of W100bn from the new start-up investment.

Through this investment, Enpose was recognized for the value of 1 trillion won for corporate value and raised the highest period of the domestic game industry. The ‘Unicorn Company’ refers to a company that has been evaluated by corporate value of W1trn of corporate value during the unlisted startup of the incremental startup.

Encope cells have attracted a new business investment in Korea and the largest in Korea, and the largest number of domestic games, including the ASPEX Management, and the largest number of domestic games, including Altos Ventures, and are attracted to the largest domestic unicorn companies.

The Enpose is a startup established in 2017, and the first title MMORPG ‘Grand Saga’, the first title, MMORPG ‘Grand Saga’ was released in Korea, and has achieved the top of Google’s top sales, Apple and One Store, Galaxy Store and the top sales of the Galaxy Store.

This series B investment is expected to expand global services to the global service, and will spur in the development of ‘Chrono Odyssey’ in which the company is preparing.

This investment will be aimed at the launch of new AAA grade games such as Grand Saema, and Chrono Odyssey, as well as the investment, said.