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Yesterday Tuesday, the Fighting title Street Fighter 5 was provided with a comprehensive content update, which brought various new content.

On the one hand, we had to do here with the two new playable characters oro or Akira Kazama, which should provide a little fresh wind in the arena of Street Fighter 5. Also, the free online tournament mode kept. What opportunities are offered in detail in detail, tell you an official video that will be ready now.

Created tournaments for your own rules

As the name of the new mode is already suggested, the opportunity will be offered to create your own tournaments and adapt different parameters. For example, you can determine the number of participants or exclude selected characters.

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In this mode, you can create and participate in your own online tournaments with friends, dojo members and all members of the SFV community! You will be able to play with a larger selection of rules to make your tournaments as wild or restrictive as you want, it continues to say.

Street Fighter 5 is available for the PC and the PlayStation 4.

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