Temtem gets new monsters and a new island

A new update has been added to Temtem yesterday that has brought new monsters and a new island to the game. This content update included adding the island of Kisiwa, a brand new biome with 23 new TEMs to locate and catch. The update also includes new techniques, features and objects to help Temtem players compete even more strategically. The maximum level of TEMTEM has also been increased with the last update, from 48 to 58. TEMTEM is available exclusively for the PC for the moment and it is a great way for non-Nintendo players to discover a game of Pokemon style.

This update of KISIWA is only part of a series of content updates, with two other similar updates. Upcoming patches will include players’ accommodation, but this part of KISIWA update includes climbing equipment so that players can explore more areas that were previously locked up. Some buildings have been opened with the update of Kisiwa, with bars and hotels open around the archipelago. Several TEMs have been balanced as part of KISIWA update and egg techniques will randomly replace lost egg techniques for applicable TEMs.

TEMTEM players can now create a club with the recent update of Kisiwa, which is the version of this game of a guild. TEMTEM coaches can join a club and although CREMA has not added gaming mechanisms to the club system, clubs are a great way for Temtem players to stay together and socialize. Several chat system changes were made to Temtem with Kisiwa update, which facilitates the reporting of other Temtem players and the ability to completely remove chat bubbles for people who just want to play solo.

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