Meet Unmetal Spiritual Successor of Metal Gear

Six years have passed the launch of Metal Gear Solid V . Since then, the series has remained silent and, although some hope to have news about this property during the next PlayStation Showcase, it seems that Konami has no intention of presenting a new adventure starring Snake. In this way, falls into the hands of the fans create your own gear metal, as is the case of Unmetal .

Unmetal is an independent game developed by UnePic Fran, which is inspired by the first two deliveries of Metal Gear, those that came out in the MSX during the 80s. This title will arrive at PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC consoles on September 28 , and below you can see your most recent trailer.

As you could see, Unmetal is a 2D stealth game with a Top-Down style camera, where you will have to use different items to evade guards and fulfill your action hero mission. The title is not only clearly inspired by Metal Gear , but also has a series of references to pop culture and 80s films.

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Via: UnePic Fran