Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 2 Season 8 is now available

Epic Games announces the start of the season 8 from Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 2. After the grand finale of the season 7 in Dr. med. Slone has all cheated, is only a much bigger threat before: the cubes.

The most important things of the new season are:

The Sideways : A gloomy reality populated with monsters, in which gravity is weaker and builds impossible. The cubes not only bring corruption to the island, but also portals to this mysterious reality, so-called Sideway’s abnormalities , through which this reality influences everything and everyone. This influences certain points on the card in each match from the Sideway and so-called Sideways Zones . To arrive against the existing monsters, there are new Sideways weapons , such as the Sideways Machine Gun or the Sideways MiniGun
ubiquitous cube danger : The cubes are omnipresent and spread their corruption everywhere, which focuses particularly around the dared mother ship. In the fight against the cubes, this is one of the best contact points, as a lot of alient technology is still intact. In addition, the crash site can also be found so-called shadow stones , which make it possible for a short time to accept a shadowy shape.
Capturing the fight : To pass against the new danger, all have to pull in a strand and invest their ingots in the various construction underfills, so as to build self-shock systems. Likewise, it is important to make decisions that further countermeasures should be built. To support in action, J.B. Chimpanski also two well-known weapons back: the automatic sniper rifle and the harpune cannon.

All details about the new season are available in the official blog post.