Celebrate the sixth anniversary of Undertale Deltarune will launch the second chapter

To celebrate the Undertale sixth anniversary, Toby Fox also from the hands of Deltarune to launch the second chapter it!

Undertale official Twitter today (16) days to share 30 seconds short film trailer Deltarune protagonist Susie with Kris second chapter will meet again and the player.

In response to Deltarune Chapter II came, the Deltarune’s official website updated simultaneously, providing file transfer approach the Deltarune, allowing the player successfully by the first chapter of convergence Chapter II.

According site description, the player to ensure that the first chapter of the Deltarune can progress into the second chapter, the first chapter must go to bed at the end of the Deltarune, to preserve the integrity of the Deltarune files.

As for now the device has to do with how different the original computer to play the first chapter? The official did not seem to think of solutions. Simply recommended that players play directly to the second chapter, also added something funny doing before, if a general idea, basically no problem.

Deltarune Chapter II is expected to Taiwan time September 18 the first to board the PC platform (included Windows and MacOS). If nothing unexpected happens, you may like the first chapter of the 2018 launch of free play. Players As the host platform, you have to wait for the follow-up announcement.