Left 4 Dead 2 Metal Gear Online and more These were our first online multiplayer

As much as we love singleplayer games – sometime most of us take a look at the other shore. There, where other players and players in exciting multiplayer matches take each other s heads or compete against overhead in the co-op. Can you still remember your very first experience in the world of multiplayer games? We do!

Dennis life was only from Empire Earth

Dennis Michel: Since I do not even know what I had breakfast yesterday, I have to cheat here a little, I hope you see me. My first multiplayer game, I … I really do not remember. But I know that the better the first game I ve played up online and have been playing back: one of the best real-time strategy games of all time, Empire Earth.

The construction classic was for me what was two years earlier for most Age of Empires 2. A game that has been played with friends competitively in the clan and down. My video game life felt felt over two years only to memorize tactics to memorize and improve. Although I was never right, really good, but with full zeal. Generally appointed with friends online, train, participate in competitions, which was just fantastic. FUNFACT: For a small tournament, we have won a edition signed by the developers, which I still am very proud of.

Eleen found Zombies Schneteln with friends very relaxing

Eleen Reinke: My first multiplayer experiences I did at that time on the old PC of my mother, which was definitely not suitable for gambling. If I played the Sims 2 on it, he crashed every 45 minutes at the latest because he had overheated. Nonetheless, I put an hour in a multiplayer title hour over an hour, which is still one of the best co-op games ever today. Who knows my anticipation on back 4 Blood, now pretty sure that I left 4 Dead 2.

The Koop Shooter was not just my first experience with Onlinegaming, but also my very first shooter. Accordingly, I started at first. I m glad I have started at least quickly where I turn on my micro and off, who knows what my poor players started in the beginning. But with the addiction came the experience and at some point I have regular zombies with a friend regularly, carbide cars with gasoline and incidentally held happy coffee claw. Oh yes, the good old time. Incidentally, the appointment to the back 4 Blood play.

Hannes has earned his online spores in Maplestory

Hannes Rossow: I got rather late into online gaming. Maybe then I was already too old-fashioned, maybe just did not affect the infrastructure. Online matches against foreign players inside have not interested me in the zero years – but Oh Boy, I had great desire for online RPGs. The lack of a good gaming PC has saved me then (presumably) in front of a serious WOW search. Since the MMO was not available, I have looked like alternatives and ended at Maplestory .

Although the Korean online role-playing game had a completely different, animated 2D look, but it fulfills the growing longing. I did not necessarily want to compete against other players, but I wanted to stay with them in a game world. I wanted to meet you, watching you watch and get the feeling to immerse yourself in another world in which I m not the only real person. Today there is this feeling to have at every corner, but demolished this fascination never never.

Linda lost your mind in Metal Gear Solid 4

Linda Sprenger: Moment, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots had an online multiplayer? So right with other players and players? . Jap, no joke. And you, Linda, have the multiplayer mode also gambled? And without twitching with the eyelash? . Jap, also no joke. Granted: The MP of Metal Gear Solid 4 (AKA Metal Gear Online) for the PS3 was a bad joke.

Everything sounds cool at first: I made my own character and put online all the stealth skills that had taught me Good Old Snake in the singleplayer. MGO was basically a third person shooter with tactical creep elements. Thus, among other things, there were classic Team Deathmatches, in which I just shot players from the other team over the pile, but also Stealth Deathmatches, in which only Camo equipment was allowed and I had to tackle my enemies .. .

… and eutsch. Sorry I m just get warflashbacks …

Because all that not only was terribly slow, but also extremely fascinated and untreated, since the control was a moderate catastrophe. Matchmaking was also a gray. On the PS3 it took partly half an hour (!) Until a lobby was filled and the game could start. Certainly that was also with my then miesen internet management. Yes, the watches in 2008 were still different.

max is furrowed directly in Star Wars: Battlefront 2

Maximilian Franke: The original Battlefront 2 on the PC was not my first shooter, but the first one, where I played online against others. I connect a lot of beautiful memories! For example, as I bought the game welding illegally in the store, even though I was not 16 – the longest 15 seconds at the cash register of my life. Or that I liked the game so much that I even joined a clan that even had its own website, that was cool! It was wonderful.

Apart from that, Battlefront 2 was also simply a very good Star Wars game and came exactly at the right time for me at the right time. Later, it was also a regular representative on our LAN parties with extremely a lot of variety, because in addition to self-made fanmaps, all cards from the first Battefront by Mod could install. Thus, Battlefront 2 was a true circumferential monster, which made the Magere Star Wars: Battlefront (2015) many years later. But this is another story.

Annika silent in one of the oldest MMORPGs at all

Annika Bavendiek: I grew up in a technically modern household and had a good internet accordingly, in the world of multiplayer games, but I did not dare very late. More specifically, 2006, when my then friend Tibia has shown me.

The German MMORPG for the PC was already a good nine years on the hump and did not play quite fresh, but that did not stop me at that time, I unexpectedly intensively as knights, paladin, wizard or druid in the two-dimensional fantasy Losing world.

There we also met monsters away, closed a quest after the other and stuffed our house full of powerful loot. And so I like to return to this time today, so I could convert me neither Tibia nor GTA 4 and Assassin s Creed Brotherhood as my first multiplayer experiences on the console to the big multiplayer player. At the end of the day my heart is just the singleplayer.

What was your very first online multiplayer experience?