Task Force Z makes the Suicide Squad formula even much more harsh

Una fuerza de tareas o fuerza operativa (en inglés, task force) es una unidad temporal establecida para trabajar en una operación o misión concreta. Se disuelve una vez finalizada su misión.[1]​
Inicialmente fue introducida por la Armada de los Estados Unidos. El término ahora ha ganado popularidad para el uso general y es una parte de la terminología de la OTAN.
También puede ser un tipo de unidad operativa de algunos ejércitos de tierra.
Muchas organizaciones no militares crean ahora destacamentos de fuerzas o grupos de tarea para las actividades temporales que podrían haber sido realizadas asimismo por comités ad hoc.

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Las fuerzas de tareas se establecen sobre un área geográfica o la base funcional cuando la misión tiene un objetivo específico limitado y no requiere el control general centralizado de logística.

Self-destruction Team has constantly been a dark idea, yet what if you add the idea of zombified bad guys to the mix?

DC s upcoming new series Task Force Z does that, with former Robin Jason Todd (that has some experience coming back from the dead) placing back on his Red Hood name to hire a group of dead bad guys for a mission – with the dangling hope they can be completely reanimated if they complete the work.

Task Force Z is created by Matthew Rosenberg, with art from penciller Eddy Burrows, inker Eber Ferreira, and colorist Adriano Lucas. Take a look at this unlettered sneak peek of Task Force Z 1:

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Task Force Z 1 preview

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Task Force Z rises from the basic inquiry what happens if we made the Suicide Team a lot more fucked up? Rosenberg composes in his e-newsletter . Red Hood is in fee of a team of just recently deceased bad guys as they benefit a possibility of getting their lives back, essentially.

Red Hood s group includes the reanimated dead villains and heroes that passed away in Infinite Frontier 0 as a result of the Joker s A-Day assault on Gotham City. His initial line-up is Bane, Man-Bat, Mr. Flower, the Arkham Knight, and a brand-new character called Sundowner.

However more bodies will certainly be added along the road, I assure, Rosenberg includes. Among those extra bodies appears to be the recently-killed Deadshot, at the very least according to the summary of Task Force Z 3 .

The author makes it a factor to keep in mind that Task Force Z is in continuity with DC s major superhero books, particularly linking right into the recent Red Hood serial in Batman: Urban Legends .

Task Force Z is being accumulated with a backup story in Investigative Comics 1041 , 1042 , and also 1043 by Rosenberg with artists Darick Robertson as well as Diego Rodriguez.

Task Force Z collection musician Swirl Barrows has actually attracted the key cover to Task Force Z 1, with variant covers coming from Tyler Kirkham, Ben Oliver, Rodolfo Migliari, Dan Mora, Kyle Hotz (2 versions), Lucio Parrillo (3 variations), as well as Phillip Tan (a Things from An additional Globe unique). Examine them out here:

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Task Force Z 1 covers

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Task Force Z 1 goes on sale on October 26.