Superstar assesses the journey from GTA 3 to Red Dead 2 two decades does not look like enough

Since GTA 3 is officially 20 years old, Rockstar Games is taking some time to look back – and also is a little shocked that it s only been that long.

Superstar North s Aaron Garbut talked to our own Joe Donnelly concerning just how GTA 3 took form within the workshop . Garbut was attributed as the art director on GTA 3, and also is currently co-studio head and also head of advancement at the front runner Rockstar studio. He reviewed how GTA 3 assisted set Superstar on a program for the open-world principles that still assist the GTA collection (and now Red Dead Redemption) today.

While that GTA 3 foundation has actually continued to be, Garbut finds it unsubstantiated the workshop s made such advancements in simply 20 years.

The truth is that a few of it seems like the other day, however when I take a go back as well as consider our journey, about how far we have come from GTA 3 to Red Dead Redemption 2 as well as beyond that, 20 years does not appear like sufficient, Garbut states. The intricacy, the passion, the detail, and extent has blown up – with each video game being a possibility for us to press where we go so a lot further. I can t wait to see where we reach in another 20 years.

Mentioning the future, while Rockstar is still remaining silent regarding anything even potentially GTA 6 – formed, we do have a brand-new take on some standards to expect soon: the GTA Trilogy launch date is established for November 11.