Microsoft Despite months of peace more studio

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Microsoft s Gaming Chief Phil Spencer gave a video interview yesterday on a live event from Wall Street Journal Tech. The responsible reporter asked him in the course of the conversation whether Studio acquisitions continue to play an important role in Microsoft. Spencer said that further acquisitions will definitely follow. However, there are no temporal specifications.

In the exact wording, he expressed himself as follows: We are definitely not finished yet. There is no quota, no schedule, after which I need to acquire studios by a certain time, but if we find a studio that suits us well … absolutely.

The number of Game pass users was addressed. But the Xbox head did not want to make any updated information. Currently it is about mastering the strong demand of developers and players.

The last acquisition had it in itself: With Zenimax Media, a holding company was taken over, among other things, the video game company Bethesda Softworks belongs. The Arcane studios or id software are also owned by the parent company. This will make future gaming productions of these developers except for a few cases exclusively for the Xbox consoles and the PC.

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Sony is on the train

While Microsoft has retained in recent months, competitor Sony Interactive Entertainment took over four developer studios this year. In the summer, the company founded in Japan proclaimed the acquisition of Housemarque, which lasted the PS5 exclusive Return . Shortly thereafter, NixXes software closed to the technical group in the future for the announced PC portals.

In September Sony announced that Firesprite now belongs to the PlayStation division. In the same month, the previously leaked acquisition of Bluepoint Games was confirmed. The PlayStation Head Hermen Hulst gave to understand the beginning of the month that it is not yet the end.

In summer, Phil Spencer generally spoke about buying up developer studios. He explained why acquisitions are fundamentally positive for the video game industry.

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