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A brand new Halloween Pass 2 comes to Red Dead Online and Rockstar Games has planned a lot of other things for the players during this year s Halloween events. Rockstar has finally shared some juicy information about this year s Halloween event, which comes in the wild west in a recent newswire. The event will have some seasonal All Hallows Call to Arms modes.

These modes include alligators, pumas and a mysterious ghost train that terrorized the city of Armadillo. If you survive the tenth wave of any All Hallows Call to Arms mode, you will be compensated with 2,000 Club EP. This allows you to get the Red Dead Online Halloween Pass 2. According to Rockstar, the Halloween Pass in Red Dead Online A commercially limited upgrade full of gloomy and cruel rewards is spread over 15 ranks, which runs until November 22nd. But it s your hard earned XP worth?

Do you want to get the Halloween Pass 2 in Red Dead online?

The Halloween Pass 2 in Red Dead Online can be considered as a Battle Pass, but instead of being season-specific, this passport is intended for the Red Dead Online Halloween event. From October 28, you or every Red Dead Online Player can buy the said passport with the 2,000 Club EP, which you have won in All Hallows Call to Arms mode.

Get the Halloween Pass 2 on October 28 to harvest the gloomy and macabrene rewards spread over 15 ranks, including scary masks to hide their identity and clothing stained with the evidence of past crimes. https://t.co/crgggjb33d pic.twitter.com/d3qxegydrj

  • Rockstar games (@Rockstargames) 26 . October 2021

The passport is valid until November 22 and has 15 ranks. Every rank will turn a variety of rewards that the players can redeem. While developers have not mentioned anything special about the rewards, players can expect cosmetics and accessories in Halloween style. In addition, Rockstar even said, players who bought all four rates of The Quick Draw Club receive a reward to get the Halloween Pass 2 for free. This week all players who own Halloween Pass 2 are rewarded with a free stable slot and a selected shirt (up 15).

Whether the Halloween Pass 2 is worthwhile in Red Dead online or not, is purely subjective and will be different from players to players. The current pass could contain some Gothic items and other exclusive cosmetics that could attract some players. Rockstar has even added some free things to attract buyers. However, the current passport and items do not look so attractive and act slightly overpriced. No special items are also announced for this year s passport. Apart from the pass, the developers also reduce articles such as role-outfits by 35% this week, weapon belt by 40% and haircuts, dentistry and makeup were reduced by 50%.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is now available for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Google Stadia.