Metal gear influence on the use of stealth as a Gameplay tool in current games

Metal Gear Solid (メタル ギ ア ソリッド, Metaru Gia Soriddo), frequently abbreviated MGS, is a computer game of action-infiltration generated & guided by Hideo Kojima. It is created by Konami Computer Enjoyment Japan, edited by Konami and appeared in 1998 on PlayStation.
3rd episode of the Metal Gear collection, the game adheres to Metal Gear 2: Solid Serpent (1990) and also precedes Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (2001 ). It is however the fourth opus of the Metal Gear Franchise, Snake s Retribution (1990) that followed Metal Gear (1987) however not developed as well as recognized by Hideo Kojima.
This piece marks an imaginative switching in the series: the game is primarily made in 3D, the straightforward high sight used in the old titles on MSX evolves towards a spatial opening, environments and also the staging ended up being clarified and also completely provided with the Graphic engine engine, coupled with entirely increased personalities.
While obtaining the main lines of the reconnaissance, the game obtains lots of elements for the category movies such as New York 1997, Los Angeles 2013 and Rambo. The plot focuses on the Infiltrate Strong Serpent representative, on a goal to launch hostages from a base in Alaska and designated to combat the strategies of a terrorist team planning making use of a tool of mass devastation to offer their Design, the Metal Gear.
Metal Gear Solid was carried under Windows in 2000 as well as a new version of the game, named Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, was established in 2004 by the Silicon Knights workshop on Gamecube.

It can not be denied that the franchise Metal Gear Solid is one of the most influential in the history of videogames. And he has always wanted to go to countercurrent. In 1987, when all the games focused on ending waves of enemies with a lot of weapons at our disposal, such a Hideo Kojima wanted to go to countercurrent and promote stealth. Or coherence. In a single man s mission, the normal thing is to try to go unnoticed and not to face hundreds of enemies.

Kojima cost him enough to convince the rest of Konami to do something like that, since he wanted to do the opposite of what people asked: not shoot and try not to see us. But the result was a success. A saga that has transcended, beyond its cinematographic inspirations, such as the referent and impeller of a genre. Although, probably, the media success of Metal Gear truly arrived in 1998, when the saga premiered on PlayStation. I already had two well-known surrender and very high level but, it was then, when we all said about but, what a pussy?.

What is undeniable is that, thanks not to join trends, the Saga Metal Gear has become one of the most influential of all time: to have been a simple action game, we would be talking about a game more. But Snake and company adventures are not only differential by the use of stealth and ingenuity to advance the scenarios going unnoticed. Several of its aspects have been taken by other works and licenses to advance the sector: so that stealth becomes a key tool in virtually any development.

Humor and Stealth, Allies in battle

Going back to the stage in which the Metal Games Gear were a bag of almost indistinguishable pixels, there are still games, in full 2021, who want to show that what was offered in 1987 can be just as fun That then It is the case of unmetal ; A video game-parody is clearly designed to honor the Hideo Kojima video game saga and that, in addition, is tremendously fun and fresh.

Precisely, Unmetal is a perfect example of the revolutionary that was Metal Gear once. The game, created by Spanish UnePic Fran, takes the basis that a legendary brand has sat. And that many games have done their own. There are several things to be mentioned and, one of them is very important: like humor.

We can see an example in the trailer of the game, with the implications you have to try to go unnoticed. There are always external agents who can throw the mission to the fret. Like a cat that makes noise near our position. When it is reiterated in the noise that can end a dense shooting, the protagonist says It s another cat!. From this, Metal Gear longs, with the possibility of hiding in his mythical boxes or even quite eschatological parking situations, as with a character with a tendency to go to the bathroom, as is the lineage of the Sasaki.

good stealth that is barely promulgated

The maneuvers to go unnoticed are several, although the vast majority of videogames that apply stealth as a more than a tool, do not know how to take advantage of. That causes the infiltration phases in sagas who are not specialized in this type of content, are quite erratic. I come to mind the famous bad–for Chapter 13 Final Fantasy XV, the maze of Agreus Castlevania 2 or levels of this kind of the latest Lost Judgment.

In the Metal Gear, from their dawn, we had the option of hitting the wall to draw attention; Or even tend ambushes with the footsteps. The problem with these games is that trivialize stealth to the point that just simply throw an object to make noise and draw attention of the lookouts. Or they see something in the distance, we are clearly us, but their amnesic capabilities make him forget the seconds and return to your routine. All this subtracts the immersion and makes many players they hate this type of levels; although generally the fault is of poor design for wanting to cover more and provide variety without probably need it.

Fortunately, there are games that even resort to topical to cause distractions, running stealth fantastic way almost necessary way forward. On a personal level, I like to get some games in context and think about what you would do if you were in the situation of the protagonists. The Last of Us, a world full of looters and infected, I would not put ruckus arm and shoot everything that moves ; So I like to take advantage of the luxury of scenarios and intelligence to disarm any danger.

In the game of Naughty Dog, especially in his sequel, we see how the human characters do investigate the areas in depth, becoming where they think they have seen something and making sure there is nothing. Or they realize that a partner is missing in an area to change his behavioral routines and determine what happens – I did MGS2 with the soldiers who reported that everything was fine in the area. Thus, the stealth experience goes to a higher level and is much more satisfactory than launching a coin to the left to advance on the right.

The problem, perhaps, is that not everyone exploits the functions of Stealth of Games as mentioned tlou2, which inspires its versatility in mgsv the phantom pain that, despite being a game very criticized, six years after its launch retains a brilliant gameplay in terms of options, and from which we would say that only the Work of Naughty Dog has approached at this time.

many tools to be exploited in the subgenre

Take an enemy as a human shield, shoot parts of the body that actually affect the movement of our adversary and take advantage of those seconds or take advantage of the design of the scenarios, which so conscientiously detail the creatives to use it in our favor. Something that, in recent times, have seen how they take advantage of with subtle masters also arkane games as Dishonored 2 or the recent Deathloop. Without forgetting how well they do, too, other games like the fantastic Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. The creatives put every stone in the field with an intention and that is something that we, like players, do not always take advantage of us.

Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain ► Secrets | Hidden Effects | Tips and Tricks + Quiet

Even so, there are still stigmas about stealth videogames in the sector, with people who hate this type of level. Although I think it is more fault of the need to implement a varied development and to which they are created to be fulfilled, which because the infiltration itself is boring. It has been shown that it is not. Probably, Metal Gear Solid is the perfect demonstration of this, but others have inherited and driven: The Last of Us, Splinter Cell, Tenchu ​​ or Dishonored are some perfect examples. There is still room to hide.