Red Dead Redemption 1 is allegedly back

Actually, Rockstar Games never known to rebuild old gaminghen. With GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition will be published for the first time a remasterly known games of the studio. An up-to-date rumor is currently revolving that after the GTA series Red Dead Redemption could follow.

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The French Youtuber Chris von Rockstar Mag (via Neogaf ) wants to learn that a Remaster is in the development of Red Dead Redemption, but it should take some time for the game to be announced:

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His statements cover themselves with former reports of Kotaku. Accordingly, Red Dead Redemption Remaster should only appear if the GTA Trilogy becomes a great success. Thus, it may still be that the RDR RMaster is scrambled shortly after the start of the development.

What a Remaster will be Red Dead Redemption? In the new edition, we should not expect a completely revised game. The Remaster will hold the style of GTA Trilogy and probably include some graphics upgrades and other smaller changes.

It remains a rumor

Unfortunately, the Rockstar Games insider does not know when the remake is planned and for which platforms it is developed. Since we should enjoy such rumors with caution anyway, unfortunately, we have no choice but to wait for the coming months and hope for the success of GTA Trilogy.

But in this case, it could indeed be that the rumor is preserved. Rockstar likes is a well-networked magazine, which has already been able to put some confirmed Leaks to GTA in the past.

What news there is the successor Red Dead Redemption 2, you will learn about Redemption Remake:

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GTA 6 development was allegedly tracked

In the same video, Chris tells that the development of GTA 6 expires everything but arranged. The game should have been completely revised in 2020 and are still in a Chaotic Development Stage. Thus, Rockstar Games is likely to have all the hands to do both with the development of GTA 6 as well as with the Red Dead Redemption Remake.

Would you have interest in a Red Dead Redemption Remake?