Rockstar works on a Remaster of Red Dead Redemption and the development of GTA 6 would be in neutral

Red Dead Redemption is a video clip game of Rockstar Gamings from the Activity Adventure Genre. It plays in an open globe in bush West. The game appeared for the video game consoles Xbox 360 as well as PlayStation 3 in May 2010. The video game received a consistently positive press resemble and was marketed 14 million times.Red Dead Redemption is the 2nd Red Dead video game and also at the very same time as successor to Red Dead Revolver Own row. In October 2018 a successor appeared with Red Dead Redemption 2.

The future of GTA VI is uncertain. For a couple of years there are reports that the next delivery of the saga is under development… but everything points to that your ad is further away from what it seems.

We already know that in a few days GTA TRILOGY will reach PC and consoles, a remastery of three classic deliveries of the franchise. And maybe I would not be the last remaster to see the light.

In fact, Rockstar could be working on a remistering of the first Red Dead Redemption, which was launched in 2010 for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. At least that points a well-known insider.

Specifically, the last video of Rockstar MAG addresses two themes: this rumored Remaster of Red Dead Redemption and The development of Grand Theft Auto VI. In other words, the future of Rockstar IPs.

To begin with, this insider states that The first Dead Redemption network will follow the steps of GTA Trilogy, with a remastery for current consoles and PC. Even, there is talk of Nintendo Switch.

Rockstar Insider Says GTA 6 is in Development Hell + GTA 5 Expanded Might Get Delayed Again!?

This would be a launch that would take a while to arrive, because Rockstar wants to have a few games interspersed before GTA 6. and that is here when bad news comes.

In the absence of official confirmation, Rockstar MAG aiming that the development of GTA VI would be at the dead point, since the process was restarted when Dan Houser left the company.

On the Remaster of Red Dead Redemption, this insider comments that it is a fully updated version, with new graphics and a treatment that goes far beyond a simple HD review.

As for the development of GTA VI, Rockstar would be having more than one problem to accelerate the process, which would have led to choose to launch remasters from their games… and continue to nourish their successful online GTA.

When will it be announced GTA 6 ? Will it be real this Remaster of Red Dead Redemption ? At the moment we can only wait for GTA Trilogy to be launch, which arrives on November 11 to PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC.