Battlefield 2042 Details of Season 1 and plans for the future

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Should everything go to plan, Battlefield 2042 appears (from 53.99 € at pre-order) on November 19, 2021, for the PC and consoles — so next Friday. While the fans already reinforce the release and can even enter the early access phase from tomorrow, the developers are already thinking about the time after the launch. Among other things, it s about the Battle Passé as well as the Season 1.

As the developer studio DICE has revealed in a detailed status update on the official website, four Battle Passes, Seasons and Specialists are planned for the first year. At a sufficiently replenishment, the fans would therefore not be lacking in the time after the launch of Battlefield 2042. When exactly the starting signal for the first season of the ego shooter falls, the team did not reveal. Since the first concrete information should not exist until the beginning of next year, it can be assumed that it does not happen before January or even February.

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But in the meantime, you do not go out in the meantime: According to DICE, in the weeks after the launch of Battlefield 2042, there will be weekly missions with some rewards, temporally limited modes and new content for Battlefield Portal.

Battlefield 2042 will appear for PC (via Steam and Origin), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

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