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Germany lost on Thursday evening in Fussed to the prelude of the Olympic qualification with 0: 3 (0: 1, 0: 1, 0: 1) against Austria, the dream of the games in Beijing threatens to burst early.

We had many chances, a lot of overbursement. But if you do not clean the things, it will be difficult. With zero goers you will not win a game, Defender Anna-Maria rich in Magenta sport : In the end, a little slice happened.

The team of national coach Thomas Schuyler was initially fair to his favorite role, only a goal was missing. He succeeded in the Austrians in amendment after a counterattack by Theresa Schafscharz (19th). Goalkeeper Sandra Stringier after a good half hour a penalty of Anna Manner, but then paste at the 0: 2 by Janine Weber (35th). Weber made five minutes before the end with their second goal for disillusionment at the DEB team around Captain Julia Zorn.

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Germany, which still plays against Italy and Denmark, is dependent on the 0: 3 overlooking Beijing on Schützenhilfe, because only the tournament winners solve the ticket for the Olympic Winter Games (4th to 20 February 2022).

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