FIFA 22 TOTW 10 is really strong and brings upgrades for Messi Kant

The new TOW 10 is now available for IN FIFA 22. Which players get new inform cards, you will learn here.

What is the Team of the Week? Every week EA puts together a new Tow. This team consists of 23 players who could bring strong achievements in the past on the past football weekend.

For this you will receive a place in the Team of the Week as well as improved inform cards that can be found in packs for a week.

How to get to TOW cards? You can pull TOW cards from packs for what you need a lot of luck. Otherwise, to inform cards are available on the transfer market. But there are sometimes a lot of money. As you come to the necessary coins, our trading tips show.

Let’s take a look at the new Tow 10 together.

The TOW 10 in FIFA 22 — All informal players

This is the TOW 10: The new team of the week 10 has a few really strong cards to offer, but especially Messi (94) and Kane (91) sting. For the Argentine there is even an upgrade of his BTW card.

There are also exciting cards for: Crews (89), Trap (86), ONUCI (86), Felipe (86), Still (84) and Berghain (84), which also receives BTW upgrade.

Feature player is this week Ming’s, who gets a clear upgrade from 78 to 84.


TOW 10 Start elf:

TH: Trap (86)
IV: ONUCI (86)
IV: Felipe (86)
IV: Ming’s (84)
RV: Trade (82)
KM: Kane (91)
KM: Crews (89)
COM: Berghain (84)
LM: Gourd (82)
RF: Messi (94)
LF: Still (84)


TH: Running (76)
LV: Iago (81)
COM: Blanco (81)
COM: Echo (81)
RM: FAVRE (81)
LF: Basaltic (82)
ST: Bent eke (81)
IV: GENES (77)
KM: Kitten (79)
RF: Stenotic (80)
ST: ADAV (77)
St: Healey (76)

The new maps of Messi and Kane

The two strongest cards in the TOW 10: The two highest ratings have Messi and Kane. So strong are your cards:

For Lionel Messi it is the first inform card in FIFA 22. It’s already extremely strong values ​​have now been improved again in all areas, especially at the Physics the card has added.

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Also for N’Gold Kane it is the first TOW card in FUT 22. Its card impresses with proper pace and outstanding values ​​in the areas of dribbling, defensive and physics.

Are you satisfied with the TOW, or should other players in the team of the week should be represented from your point of view? Tell us in the comments!

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