Roblox poses a player who terrorized the creators and the community

Roblox in Poland is not as popular as in the United States, but we will meet compatriots and there. Especially the younger ones, because it would seem to be target this title. However, you can be surprised — Roblox gives such opportunities and tools that we will find players from various age compartments.

One of them, known as Ruben SIM, was slightly crazy, as a result of which the court will decide about his fate. The creators of Roblox issued a lawsuit against him in which they accuse him of breaking the regulations, cheating, using illegal tools and other versus es. The company calculated that the damage is 1.6 million dollars, so, so much expect to compensation.

What did Ruben SIM do? As for the past, he attacked other players, he used homophobic and racist insults, he uploaded Adolf Hitler’s photos and allowed other wickedness. This offered him a basic from Roblox, but it did not prevent him at all!

Ruben SIM decided to hack the other users’ accounts to spread the terror in the game. He threatened developers and even gathered the supporters to help him. Thanks to this, he managed to convince everyone that the event of Roblox Developers Conference in San Francisco will be the target of a terrorist attack. As a result, the police and private protection reacted, closing the building to ensure all security. This joke cost 50,000 dollars.

It did not stop Ruben Lima in further actions. He cared control over servers, he uploaded pornography or other, not allowed content (e.g. himself naked or sex game), attacked players and creators on social media. As if it were not enough, he earned everything! He recorded his actions and on the YouTube channel he published guides on how to hack Roblox, and also led Patreon.

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The scoop changed, the evidence was collected and now Ruben Lima waiting for crossing in court. End of laughter.