Halo Infinite So you will find the secret Scorpion Gun

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Fans of Halo 2 will probably remember the legendary Scarab Gun. A shooting iron so supervised that you are more likely to be blowed away yourself and not the opponents. Hallo Infinite is reminiscent of many places to the predecessors, which is why it is hardly surprising that it has now made the rake accessed by the community on the name Scorpion Gun.

This offers comparable advantages like your predecessor, but is easier in handling:

Your shot behavior corresponds exactly to the Scorpion tank, making even the strongest bosses in no time.

You can even use it for a short distance, the resulting pressure wave does not cause any damage to the Master Chief.
Your movement speed stays complete.
It only occupies a normal weapon slot.

However, you should pay attention to not accidentally drop the Scorpion Gun, because then immediately disappears from the game. Fits in the activation of switches so belonging! In case of emergency, however, the mission can be restarted.

In addition, it has a few disadvantages:

You can no longer throw grenades.

Halo Infinite - Scorpion Gun / Secret Scarab Tank Cannon Gun - Easter Egg / Glitch
It is no longer possible to boot from edges.
You can not carry out any melee attacks.

By switching to your second weapon, the negative aspects can be completely bypassed.

How to get to Scorpion Gun

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You just get this a chance to get the weapon! As soon as you finish the mission with the Pelican, Scorpion Gun is no longer available.

Glitch or Easter Egg?

It could be a test asset at the Scorpion Gun, which was simply forgotten by the developers. For this, at least the facts that no arms model was animated and the Master Chief, as soon as he changes to the tips, hovered in Stock letter pose over Zeta Halo.

However, 343 Industries could have decided as well for the conscious receipt as Easter EGG, even if the Scorpion Gun privies higher levels of difficulty as well as the brutally heavy LAST challenge. The associated Xbox success continues to receive.

How would you use the Scorpion Gun?