In the VFB starting eleven Matarazzo demand for silas

For around ten days, Sosa plagued back problems that radiate on leg muscles and knees. The hope that this would only be short of breeding the left-back defenders have not fulfilled. Also, for the game in Cologne it gets tight, very tight. He has not yet got into training, explains Trainer Pelegrín Matarazzo. We’ll see how he comes to forces in the next few days. Behind his bet is a big question mark.

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One of the slightly smaller variety is behind Roberto Massimo. The outer player who has drawn in Wolfsburg a capsule injury in the ankle, still has pain. We try to make a good feeling in training to be an option.

While hard to accept that there are Sosa and Massimo in the starting formation on Sunday, it could be enough for Silas. Even if the CFB chef coach still logs on slight doubt. It’s last seen that something is missing, energetic, tactical. But I do not exclude that he plays from the beginning. Let’s see how the next two days lost and what impression he leaves, but he still has a shell

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