Magdeburg gives early leadership by owners late from the hand

Compared to the 2: 2 in Würzburg, PSV coach Joe Enoch has four times: Brick, Connected, Vogt and Gomez replaced Rather, Bosun, Horn and King in the starting eleven.

At the guests, Christian Ritz replaced the yellow-red Andreas Müller in the defensive midfield by Malinowski after 2-1 against the VFL Osnabrück, in the domestic defense, Tobias Müller played for Bistro.

The molded Magdeburg (only one defeat and seven victories in the last eight games) celebrated the autumn championship at the weekend, in the catch-up game of the 16th match day against PSV Wicket, however, to build their lead on Braunschweig and two.

Schuyler meets early

From the beginning, the FCM was game-determining and came to the first opportunity in the sixth minute, the schooler transformed the head into the long corner. A little later, BATIK (13th) failed and then Schuyler (14th) again on the strong parry brickies. The swans had gone to the East duel with a lot of motivation, but they hardly became dangerously. Only the end of the first passage came the eleven of Enoch and again in front of the gate of the guests. The result did not change to the break bar.

The householders, however, came better from the cabin and tried it again and again from the distance: Jansen (47.), Connected (50.) and again Jansen (57th) could not accommodate the ball in the housing. The FCM, on the other hand, did not make much a lot and continued to manage the tight guidance. That should have followed.

PSV again late to the point gain

A good 20 minutes before the end, Reimann saved in the last second (69th), with a free-kick of the PSV in the final minutes but the keeper remained powerless. Nobel raised the leather in front of the second posts, where burger was the misfortune rape and completed by head into his own goal. The compensation was deserved.

Great leadership starts with self-leadership | Lars Sudmann | TEDxUCLouvain

The 1: 1 kept until the end, even if the FCM still tried it in the last few minutes. At a point, both teams said goodbye delayed from the first round. Already at the weekend, however, it continues. The swans are on Saturday (14 o’clock, live! At Tobias Müller) guest at Dortmund II. Magdeburg welcomes on Sunday (1 pm, live! At Tobias Müller) Waldo Mannheim to the top game.