SKALD Against The Black Priory Raw Fury becomes publisher for the gloomy retro

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Even though it is impressive, which graphic height flights can afford video games on current hardware today, despite all the optical spectacles sometimes in the ancient times long ago, where everything seemed to be carefree. Retro games, whether made from the moth box brought classic or newly produced, on old trimmed title, are therefore well popular with a non-insignificant set of players.

SCALD: Against The Black Priory — New lining for retro fans

Exactly in this division also wants SCALD: Against The Black Priory beat. The gloomy role-playing game is likely to worry about older rabbits immediately for strong nostalgia fever, not only, but above all because of the granular pixel optics. The title is not only graphically a journey into the past: Under his optical robe, a hides through and by classic role-playing experience.

With a blend of fantasy and Lovecraft horror, round-based bass and multiple-choice dialogues, SCALD combines the most important ingredients to beat the hearts of many role-play fans faster. Combined with the look and a gloomy atmosphere, the title promises a nostalgic experience, however, that some modern comfort functions should have.

The Kickstarter project wins a publisher

Originally, Scald: Against The Black Priory a Kickstarter project, which was finally funded at campaign launch in 2019 within 24 hours. Meanwhile, the retro role-playing game has also been able to win a publisher : Raw Fury is quite a well-known name in the industry and was already responsible for publishing games like Towns caper and Sable.

Developers Andes Lauri den is pleased about working with the Swedish publisher: in alliance with RAW Fury to close, I allow me to lift my dream project to the next level. Was Project Oswald is now running in full swing, and me Can not wait to offer my fantastic community something that wakes up both good memories and creates new years for the coming years!
More info about SCALD: Against The Black Priory will come next year. If the premise has made you curious, but you can already get in the prologue of retro title. Namely, is completely free available on Steam and offers a first insight into the pixel role-playing game.

Source: Press release / Scald on Steam

SKALD: Against the Black Priory | Partnership Announcement

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