Battlefield 2042 Until Season 1 it could take months

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Battlefield 2042 Season One UPDATE NEWS...
So far, there is no official information on how long the pre-season of Battlefield 2042 should last. Since the launch of the shooter, five weeks have passed soon, and according to a dateline we still have to wait much longer for the start of the first real season.

Battlefield 2042 code could reveal start date of Season 1

The supposed leak comes from the well-known Datamyne temporary that promoted a variety of correct details from the Battlefield franchise in the past. If he keeps right this time, we have to satisfy each other for a while with the pre-season of Battlefield 2042.

Possible start time for Season 1: According to Temporal, the client of Battlefield 2042 can be found for weekly missions of the pre-season, which still sufficient for twelve more weeks. Should this be implemented, Season 1 would launch until mid-March of the coming year.

However, it is possible that Season 1 goes to the start earlier and keeps some missions ready as a back-up if the launch has to be moved. Until there are official information, we have to treat history as a rumor.

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Fans are disappointed: It should really take twelve weeks to Season 1, Dice and EA can take a lot of criticism. At least in the comments under the Tweet of Temporal, the community shows little understanding. Although there are also voices that demand sympathy for the developer studio — after all, the holidays now come — but these are far exceeded.

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The leak also confirms the new map

Season 1 will bring a new multiplayer map with you, DICE has already confirmed. So far we only knew that the card named Exposure the MAP design will lift a completely new level.

According to temporal, the scene is an underground research facility in Canada, which was exposed by an earthquake. The Russians suspect an important weapon here, the US offs this, and so the fight starts with the Black Ridge Facility.

Do you think it’s bad for Season 1 from Battlefield 2042 to wait for so long?