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Wow: Who ended with the world PVP in World of Warcraft?

New 7 Marvels of the World was a project started in 2000 to select Wonders of the World from a selection of 200 existing monuments. The popularity poll through cost-free Online voting and tiny quantities of telephone ballot was led by Canadian-Swiss Bernard Weber as well as arranged by the New 7 Wonders Foundation (N7W) based in Zurich, Switzerland, with victors announced on 7 July 2007 in Lisbon, at Studio the Luz. Because it was feasible for individuals to cast multiple votes, the poll was taken into consideration unscientific partly. According to John Rugby, creator as well as current President/CEO of the Utica, New York-based ballot organization Rugby International, New 7 Wonders Foundation drove the biggest survey on document. The program attracted a wide variety of main responses. Some countries promoted their finalist and attempted to get more ballots cast for it, while others downplayed or slammed the competition. After sustaining the New 7 Marvels Foundation at the beginning of the project by providing recommendations on candidate option, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, as well as Cultural Organization (UNESCO), by its laws needing to videotape all as well as give equal condition to world heritage websites, distanced itself from the undertaking in 2001 and again in 2007. The seven winners were chosen from 21 candidates, which had actually been trimmed from 77 choices by a panel in 2006.
The New 7 Wonders Structure, established in 2001, counted on private contributions and also the sale of broadcast legal rights and also received no public financing. After the last news, New 7 Marvels said it did not earn anything from the exercise as well as hardly recuperated its investment. Although N7W defines itself as a not-for-profit company, the firm behind it– the New Open World Firm (NOW)– is an industrial company. All licensing and sponsorship money is paid to NOW.
The foundation ran two subsequent programs: New 7 Wonders of Nature, the topic of electing up until 2011, and New7Wonders Cities, which finished in 2014.
The campaigns as well as the company are sometimes spelled as one word as well as often as a single word.

The world PVP has long been a discussion issue at World of Warcraft . Some are in favor, others against, with more or less acceptable reasons portions. However, an observational observation can be made regardless of the chosen side: the World PVP is dead.

Why, from when?, What are the solutions that could be contributed to the game to revive it? This is what we will try to explain in this article.

Why and when did the World PVP die?

The World PVP is a facet of the game that many players (often oriented to EVE) do not like. And for a good reason, since it forces them to challenge other players while trying to go from point A to point B. However, it is at the origin of one of the main interactions among the players in World of Warcraft, And its almost complete disappearance is as sad as foreseeable.


This progressive phenomenon has had, in our opinion, a key points in which the game has given a turn to the detriment of these open outdoor wars. These peaks, probably very subjective, are three: The burning crusade , cataclysm and finally legion .

Therefore, it is easy to identify three main factors in the evident decline in this facet of the game:

one. The destruction of the communities

This is the first factor, and probably the second most obvious, if you have been playing World of Warcraft for some time, put from the Burning Crusade and then Cataclysm, the destruction of communities involves many mechanisms that are put into play over time And they contribute to the extinction of these for the benefit of a great uniform community as we know today.

This fall in the community aspect has been gradual, and each of the points below has been an additional nail in the coffin:

  • Flying mounts as standard with each expansion with The Burning Crusade
  • Introduction of flying mounts in Zeroth and globally on all continents with cataclysm
  • The Kingdoms with Warlords of Drano
  • Introduction of kingdoms connected with Legion

It is evident that the flying mounts contributed greatly to the decrease of outdoor attacks. The simple power of power Go from point A to point B without ever finding any opposition, it necessarily contributes to the drastic reduction of the number of interactions between the players of the two factions.

However, the individual skirmishes remained existing to weigh the arrival of the flying steeds at The Burning Crusade, and at that time we were very happy to know that in Zeroth our opponents could not flee. It does not matter who you fight now, if you are in a flying mount when you enter combat, you can run without you can react.

Unfortunately, the situation changed a few years later with the arrival of Warlords of Drano and its exceptional phasing . For unctuous players, the phase is the principle that a single server is divided into several micrometers to reduce delays by spreading the population in several sublayer of the server.

The phases, therefore, was the death sentence for the world PVP once and for all. Since each kingdom was dispersed in several subserves, it was difficult to meet. Worse yet, Grouping with a player in another phase allowed himself to join him and therefore run away from the dangers he had in your own phase .

The result was simple: We find less players, therefore, fewer interactions, fewer fights … In summary, the EVE is forced.

Eventually, as to complete a system that was already largely dying, Blizzard decided to introduce the system of connected kingdoms with Legion. A true revolution for deserting kingdoms, Zangarmarsh and other NER’HUL, we greet you, this system did not help the wild PVP, much less. What happens when mixes two, three or even four kingdoms? Its communities are mixed, do not recognize and end with mega-servers where each player becomes a stranger because it comes from a neighboring kingdom.

This is exactly the phenomenon that recently explained a WOW game designer: If you mix two communities, the players of these no longer have their little habits when meeting with so much dancing in the fountain every morning, the others Beggars halls at the exit…

It is simple: while before the players accustomed to this mode they enjoyed a lot by attacking such or what a guild because it has antecedents with it, with this system this is no longer possible: too many players are in the same kingdom.

two. Additional Systems

For most players, this point probably does not sound. However, if we talk about the sanctuaries of the eternal island, the bonuses of the fief of the jungle of Canaan (among others), unleashed mania or the famous plume of avian…

What we call additional systems are toys and other objects that can be activated outdoors and are intended to escape or facilitate the meetings carried out in wild PVP . While some become unstoppable, others simply allow you to flee from a dangerous fight

These objects are very harmless at first glance. While the addition of the first of them was relatively welcome and even celebrated, Each expansion ended up introducing a good number of new absurd systems that, little by little, became unbearable. Ultimately, when you entered into combat with a player, you had a high probability that it will fly at the speed of light because I did not want to fight.

Over time, Blizzard has made the decision to limit these new objects to certain specific areas, but the reality is that these measures are not sufficient: These objects should not be introduced into the game , or at least not to rhythm to the That they are added.

3. Faction balance

The last factor that would probably jump first to anyone is possibly the balance of factions in several expansions. Of course, this has never been perfect and many kingdoms (mainly English speaking) were almost exclusive to a single Facing from Cataclysm or Mists of Mandarin ( terrallende and storm scale , to name a few).

However, this phenomenon tends to amplify with time to the point that even the communities that until recently they were little affected are subject to this factor. Realms that were once very heterogeneous, are dedicated almost exclusively to the Horde , while the few Players of the Alliance are exiled. And backwards.

Horde and alliance never mix. It is coded, they see but rarely interact, and this has undoubtedly been one of the main issues we have seen for several years.

4. Bonus: War mode

War mode. We could put it at the first point dedicated to the destruction of communities, but we feel that it deserved its own small point. Because yes, the War Mode is possibly one of the worst additions in the history of World of Warcraft .

Sold originally as the renovation of the outdoor PVP, this was not the case, since it is actually a system created by EVE players for the benefit of other EVE players. The goal of War Mode has never been, and probably never will be, relive the wars between factions abroad. No, instead promises rewards to the players who risks to play with this active mode. In fact, EVE players, since many others do not care a small bonus to the power of the artifact or alien after completing an expedition.

In fact, War Mode is the culmination of all the points listed above. Do not solve any of the aforementioned problems and even exploit the worst by further dividing the players on each server in two different phases (on or off mode).

The result? Originally, they were groups of 40 players who frank the drops falling in each area of ​​Battle for Zeroth to get the rewards, completely monopolizing the area without possible no counterattack, in fact, the PVP in the style of the valley of Alter ac From Shadow lands. Of course, some fanatics still play in this way, but we are far away, far from the immense battles that could be observed a few years earlier.


As well as Maier is nothing without Lillian, World of Warcraft is nothing without the PVP of him, especially outdoors.

The points we have listed in this article probably are not really voluntary by the Blizzard developers. Most likely, it is a little added features here and there with the idea of ​​making players happy when adding something new, but long-term effects have been devastating in this game and in the game itself. The real problem is that nothing is done in favor of this system and that we continue digging our grave more and more without anyone going to react.

So, of course, Mongol is somewhere in one of the recent videos he published: Flying mounts are not the cause of death in the wild PVP. However, they sat a good basis for subsequent problems and continue to harm it badly.

To go further, Wild PVP is not limited to a few beaches organized by the presence of a streamer in a certain place , no, much less. These are all these small skirmishes that were constantly taking place and feeding the discussions about a given kingdom, and that they regularly led to great open wars between unions in certain servers.

What ended with the wild PVP in the background was not only the lack of interest in Blizzard in it, but also the detour (driven by Blizzard) of the attention of PVP players to EVE… and above all normalization of Avoid contact with the opposite. Before it was normal to be attacked by a player in the middle of Album in Archimedes, today we complain No Farmers . Interactions are no longer accepted, We no longer want to find us, talk, fight, exchange . We are in favor of going from point A to point B without being bothered, and that is a real problem in World of Warcraft. Content of MGG Fr.