NFL Playoff Recap: Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Philadelphia Eagles 31:15 – Total dominance with a bad news

The Super Bowl Lii was the 52nd Super Dish, the last 2017 season of the National Football Organization (NFL) in Football. The game in between the AFC Champ New England Patriots and the NFC Champ Philadelphia Eagles got on February 4, 2018, at 17:30 neighborhood time (February 5, 0:30 CET) in United States. Financial Institution Arena in Minneapolis, which was opened in 2016. After the Super Dish XXVI from 1992 thus took place for the second time a Super Dish in Minneapolis. The Philadelphia Eagles won the game with 41:33 and thus their first Super Dish. The quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles, Nick Roles, was elected to Super Bowl MVP.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers won their wildcard game against the Philadelphia Eagles effortlessly 31:15 and thus their operation title defense a successful start. Only the injury to a key player prepares now worry the team around superstar Tom Brady.

At the beginning of the game and for much of the first half, only the Buccaneers played. They got off to a fabulous first drive, which in a short touchdown run from running back Giovanni Bernard returnees — had ultimately something fit surprisingly Leonard Courgette and Ronald Jones — led.

Even before that, however, is right tackle Tristan Wires ankle injured and came down to a brief appearance before the break not go back. On the other side of the ball, meanwhile, the Bus had the upper hand. The first Eagles series ended with a stop at 3rd down because Safety Jordan Whitehead quarterback Galen Hurts stopped for a zone-read in the backfield, the second by a bag of Antoine Winfield.

The Bus put in between 14: 0 by a rushing TD of KE’Shawn Vaughn. Here, too Center Ryan Jensen, however, actually later returned to the game injured.

Tampa Bay was content with his third attack of the game with a field goal, after achieving the Eagles for the first time to stop the home side. Even more: In 3rd down even a sack against Tom Brady succeed.

And that was something of a wake-up call for the Defense of guests that successive after the third quarter into three series each managed Sacks at 3rd Down — twice even on the right side of the Bus O-Line, in both the all had preceded Ryan Kerrigan little to oppose heavily damaged Wires and his agent Josh Wells.

Eagles fall after the break apart

From these partial successes, the Eagles took the offensive, however, very little. Although they managed six minutes from half-time for the first time in the opposition half, but in the end that drive ended with a fourth try awarded. Just before the break Hurts threw then even an interception to safety Mike Edwards.

After the break, the Eagles were then completely apart. Punt returner Galen Regor lost a Muffed Punt and Hurts threw his second interception, this time to Edge Rusher Shall Barrett. This was followed by each touchdown passes by Brady, first on Rob Minkowski, then Mike Evans, so the guests of the tooth was pulled early.

The Eagles then remained only still points in garbage time, but changed nothing on the outcome of the game.

NFL Wildcard Playoffs: Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Result: 31:15 (14: 0, 3: 0, 14: 0, 00:15) Box score

Buccaneers vs. Eagles — key statistics


  • This was the first time in over ten years that the Bus several Rushing touchdowns achieved in the first quarter. The last time it succeeded in Week 4 in 2007 against the Panthers.
  • Untimely penalties conceded the Eagles again, but two holding penalties were particularly bitter against Center Jason Hence. This is remarkable because that had not received any such penalty only in the regular season. His only punishment throughout the year was above one for Unsportsmanlike Conduct.
  • Minkowski scored his 15th touchdown in the postseason. Only Jerry Rice has more (22). In addition, this was his 93rd postseason-Reception, thereby equaling with Reggie Wayne for the third-most ever.
  • For the Eagles, however, it was only the second shutout to break in their postseason history. Previously, they had that happened only in the Wildcard game in 1996 in San Francisco. This was their 47th playoff game ever.

The star of the game: Defensive Front (Bus)

While the Bus now have to fear for the health of offensive tackle Tristan Wires, they got good news on the defensive front — literally. The great strength of this defense, the front was recently compromised something, but in this game underlined that unit that is to be expected with her again. Above all, the run was nipped in the bud, while always managed to create pressure and to force Hurts in error — the latter course by lightning the linebackers and safeties. But this defense is based primarily on a strong front, and it was in this game on the spot.

Flop of the Match: Galen Hurts (quarterback, Eagles)

Hurts made his first playoff start and was overwhelmed from the beginning. His zone reads were faulty to start, his passports inaccurate, and it was too rare to introduce himself to the Run Game. He also awarded two clear chances of touchdowns in the first half, once he overseer an open Quiz Watkins on a post-route, once he stared at his receiver, which led to the first interception. However, Hurts was also victims of circumstances. The fact that the RUN Game generally did not work, he was forced to be more passports than that would be fine for him. In addition, the question arises as meaningful it was to ignore Devon ta Smith for a long time.

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Analysis: Buccaneers vs. Eagles — The tactical panel

  • The Eagles played softly in coverage from the start and made the receivers of Bus usually place on the line. Brady reacted early with check downs and screens and trusted yards after the catch, who gave him the Eagles again and again.

  • The exception was Bucs-Receiver Mike Evans, which was mainly conceited by Darius Slay in the first half. Accordingly, Brady mostly sought other options through the air. With continuous playing time Evans then always found it more often away from the cover. So also with his touchdown when he set up in the slot, where Slay usually does not play.

  • The Bus turned in about a third of Hurts’s drop backs, which could not necessarily be considered given to be considered, especially since Hurts likes to break out of the pocket. Nevertheless, the Bus, which operated mostly with 2-high-looks and Man-Coverage Underneath, aggressive, but also made a good job just at the beginning when it came to establishing the EDGE and to force hurts to the pass.

  • Conspicuous and incomprehensible was meanwhile that the Eagles ignored their best receiver Devon ta Smith in the pass games. Only in the final minutes of the first half saw his first targets, though the Bus did not make any institutions to take him targeted out of the game — on the contrary, they played out of respect for his speed mostly off-coordage against him.