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Minecraft: A player intends to recreate the Galaxy of Star Wars and these are his first samples

Again, Minecraft builders show us their talent, and to show a button. As a test The reproduction of the Star Wars galaxy made by the player who responds to the name of Vista chess .


a Minecraft player replicates the Galaxy of Star Wars

The latter, in fact, has embarked on this incredible project that aims to overcome all this galaxy, and there is a job to be done! In the different platforms, and in particular Reddit and YouTube , the latter shares the progress of his work and has reproduced, at the moment, two of the planets of Star Wars: Coruscate , the center of the Galaxy, and Tattooing , the planet of which it proceeds. Anakin Skywalker.

Through what we could qualify, we recognize, not without difficulty, emblematic scenes of the saga, especially the Jedi Temple, the Padre room, or even the ABBA Palace and the House of Lars.

According to the player, it took a whole year to build all these elements and decorated.

At this time, nobody knows on which planets this genius is working, but we will know more in the coming months, with the possibility of traveling to the universe of George Lucas.

In addition, we remind you that Minecraft was recently received the second part of his Update Caves & Cliffs with, among other things, the appearance of new biomes. In it, new minerals have appeared, but also new animal species but also vegetation.

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