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According to reports, Star Wars Battlefront 3 is not developing in EA

Battle of Star Wars 3 Reportedly, it is not in development at Electronic Arts at this time. Today Early, EA and Lucasfilm Games revealed that they would collaborate in three new video games of Star Wars in the future, all supervised by the Respawn Entertainment developer. However, as a byproduct of this announcement, it seems that the two entities have now confirmed essentially that they will not work together in a sequel to say. Battle of Star Wars 2 at any time in the near future.

According to a new Camembert report, it says will not take advantage to create a new game in the Star Wars Battlefront series. The report in question states that, on the other hand, EA will only work with Star Wars IP in the future in Respawn Entertainment. As such, that is why today so many new projects were revealed with Respawn at the head.

The main reason why EA now seems to be consolidating its work on Star Wars games in Respawn instead of says it is because it says now will seek to focus predominantly in Battlefield franchise. After the less than stellar launch of battle 2042 at the end of 2021, the study is now focused on fixing its most recent release before addressing anything else. Even beyond battle 2042 However, it says as a whole, it will apparently be the EA developer who will work in Battlefield in the future. Despite the poor state of the franchise in recent years, it is clearly believed that Battlefield must be a central component of the company in the future, which is why it says it will not make juggling with the Battlefront series as well.

Of course, it is worth noting that all these plans could definitely change in the future, so the idea of ​​the battle of Star Wars 3 A coming day should not be completely lost. But if you are someone who wanted to see a sequel to the battle of Star Wars 2 in the short term, it seems that you should vanish those hopes for the time being.


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