National Teacher Shutsch practices hard criticism of the DFB

National Teacher Azimuth Shoulder (30) has criticized the German Football Association and accused the association in transparency in the choice of the President.

Nobody officially knows what delegates come there. Nobody knows how they are determined and chosen. And the world’s largest Almuths federation, said Schultz in Kicker Podcasts Fe: Male View on Football : I think that’s what Through. Even at the Federal Assembly, which decides the Federal President, you know that.

Together with the initiative Football More the final woman of the Bundesliga club VFL Wolfsburg had tried to propose a change of statutes at the DFB, which would have allowed a double lace. With the initiative she talked to several national associations, regional associations, the DFB and DFL-Presidium – and no one believed that a change of statutes is good, said school. It was said, We do not need a double tip. Therefore, the application had not been passed on to the DFB Bundestag.

It’s crazy: you’re doing out as if you are listening to us and that it’s great we’re going to do. But if you speak directly with humans, often comes back: You must first make 20 years of association work to understand Like that works and have to earn the right first, co-decision, said shoulder. It will take 100 years until women have a chance to make a change of statutes at the DFB.

While it had been assured, that two of our wishes are discussed in the departure in a structural committee. However, in the light of their previous experiences, implementation is in question: I’m really disappointed.