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Star Wars 1313: Gameplay opened with Boba fat

Anyone who wants to remember how a pity it is that Star Wars never came out, is just right here.

Star Wars: 1313 - E3 Demo Full Gameplay [HD]
E3 2012 had a great surprise to offer. At that time, when the fair could take place and Disney had not yet acquired Lucasfilm and thus the “Star Wars” brand, Lucasarts announced the action game Star Wars 1313. That was something special, but it should be a title where we would have not played a light cowwinger, but a bounty hunter. And it would have been a much gloomy adventure than all that we have known to “Star Wars” to date. Well, unfortunately nothing was done from the project. In 2013 Disney Lucasfilm took over, announced developers at Lucasarts and thus the work was set to Star Wars 1313.

Now, after all the years, video has appeared from the game. Ok, we might not mention that that is not so new. With the video on the YouTube channel The Vault, which appeared yesterday, it is a composite clips that James Zachary has uploaded to Vimeo for a long time ago and embedded in his own website. Zachary worked at the time as a lingerie of the animation team at Lucasarts.

However, through the Youtube publication, the material now reaches a much larger audience. And even if one clearly notes him that it is just about scenes that do not come from a finished game, the whole thing knows. Ok, Star Wars 1313 would seem to have become an ordinary action adventure, but 1. If we were hatched into the skin of Boba Fett (which was not so planned at the time of announcement of the game) and on the other hand, we would have just a part of the “Star Wars” universes explored, which there was no single game until today. 1313 is finally the name of the lower town, which is 1313 levels under what we know as Coruscant. So far, only a few episodes of “The Clone Wars” have played there. But who knows: Well, where basically every developer Lucasfilm is a game pitch and then get the license, it would be possible that someone at least picks up the setting of Star Wars 1313 and processed in a new title. It would be happy to us.