FC Bayern: Dear Try To Recognize Jewel Paul Wanner – “Clear Tendency”

Paul Wanner is currently considered the largest gem in Bayern. When returning to Borussia Mönchengladbach, the exceptional talent celebrated his Bundesliga debut and became 15 days to the recent Bundesliga player in the history of the German record champion with 16 years. His talent has not yet been included in the Austrian Football Association.

“We have become aware of Paul Wanner in the past late summer. The first contact recording with Paul’s management took place over Oliver Lederer, who deposited as a responsible team boss of the year 2005 the great interest of the ÖFB at Paul. I am also in contact with the environment of Paul, We know his exact situation, “said the Austrian Footballs director of the ÖFB, Peter Schöttel, to” Laola1 “. According to “Sky”, a meeting between the family of the 16-year-old and representatives of the ÖFB-ELF is planned at the beginning of March. That would be u. A. Schöttel and National Trainer Franco Foda participate.

FC Bayern: Wanner led talks with U21 coach di salvo

Meanwhile, Wanner has completed three Bundesliga games. After his debut against Gladbach, the 16-year-old was still short-fitting against the 1st FC Cologne and Hertha BSC. “He is an incredible talent, left foot, very fast, very ball-proof, courageous,” Bayern-coach Julian Nagelsmann swarmed after the Gladbach game.

Born was born in Dornbirn in Austria, his grandparents also live in Vorarlberg, where he is as often as possible to visit. The double state citizen has made his first U-country games for the DFB. Seven times, the Bayern gem ran for the U17 in Germany. According to “Laola1”, talks with the German U21 coach di Salvo should run. It should have been discussed how wanner is best built perspective in order to play at some point for the DFB-eleven. According to “Sky”, a nomination for the a national team is not yet an issue, but there is a “clear tendency per DFB” in the player.

Paul Wanner vs Italy (06/09/2021)
“He has grown up in Germany and from the DFB there is a great interest that he plays for Germany. But of course he is an extremely interesting player for us, the dynamics of his development has all surprised,” Schöttel explained.