Street Mastery Simulator: New professional simulation moves street champion to the focus

The simulation experts from AeroSoft and the developers of Caipirinha Games give the road mastery simulator to Easter for PC, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will appear.

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In the extensive missions of the simulator, the players are dedicated to all tasks that arise in the field of road construction and retention on German highways, federal and highways.

“With the street champion simulator we expand our wide portfolio of simulators with a challenging title. The street champion simulator opens players a special field of activity, which has not yet given it often in games, “says Winfried Diekmann, Managing Director and Founder of Aerosoft.

“In the near future, players can move out with their vehicles from the Werkhof and do more than 30 realistic missions that they expect in the street champion simulator. We can not wait to present the title to all players out there, “complements Joachim Meyer, Managing Director of Caipirinha Games.

Renew the lane markings, curse trees, curtain the edge and protective planks or repair roads – the everyday life in a street champion is enormously versatile.

On the free walking fee, everything is located what is needed for the working day – ranging from cordless screwdrivers and wheelbarrows to signs, protective planks and motor vibrators.

About the realistically designed freely passable route network with highways as well as federal and highways, the players are based on site locations. For the a total of 30 extensive missions players are in addition to all-purpose vehicles with different essays also truck tipper, combi rollers, flatbed wagons and other vehicles to choose from.