MetaCraft, Nobel Pia Popular Web novel Elf Fund

MetaCraft (Representative Yoo Jung Suk) announced on the 28th that the web novel platform ‘Nobel Pia’ popular web novel ‘Nobel Pia’ is the elves (for example, Elf),

[WEBNOVEL] The Legendary Mechanic

This funding made the “Sell Elves” to replace the fans who want to be a book, and a total of 4 beauties of the “selling elves”, and a character mouse pad, character card, and a funding product added to the character card.

By March 14, you can participate in the funding on the official homepage, and you can deposit the coin that you have chosen to select the funding product of the desired configuration. Deposited coins are settled when the funding is successful.

‘Sell Elves’ is a’ Breeding Mark ‘writer’ s adult fantasy web novel, and the ‘Teorad’ is a unique and witty, I gathered.

Especially, it is popular in the middle of the heroes, and the immersion is also popular, and the description of high emotional expressions and descriptions have been produced in the “Top-tong”, and the “Topping” is produced by webtoons.

In addition, the two-shin is not available in the original work, and it is expected to solve the curiosity of fans who had been curious after the recent recaltures after completion.

In addition, we will notify more users to announce the fun of web novels. Beyond the number of people who joined the invitation link or the referee code, the invitee will provide 2,000 won for the invitee.

The invited friend will also earn 2,000 won, and you can freely experience web novels for my taste through Plus membership benefits that can subscribe to all works between 3 days.

In addition, promotions that provide ‘Plus Monthly Membership’ for the first month for the first month are in progress.

Meanwhile, Nobel Pia is a member of the average of 250 new work, and it is a content platform that has a large amount of more than 10,000 content and accumulated views, and a large number of monopoly content, I am going to develop Yuzu business.