Who are the English actors of sounding RUNE FACTORY 5?

In the Rune Factory 5 an impressive list of audio actors, including those whom you may know about your favorite games and anime. Unlike Story of Seasons, there is a voice acting in Rune Factory that helps tell a story. If you have never played on the game Rune Factory, you will probably be surprised by the stunning voice acting Rune Factory 5.

ENG. vs JAPANESE VOICE ACTORS - Rune Factory 5 | Direct Comparison

Actors Jumping Round Factory 5

Here is a confirmed list Actors of voice for Factory Rune 5.

RUNE FACTORY 5 can add additional voices in the future, especially if there is a DLC. This content is likely to be announced after the official release of the game.

To learn more about RUNE FACTORY 5, read the information about the release date Rune Factory 5? In professional guidelines for the game!