Dorschs Dilemma: Augsburgs best had to be the first of the field

Hardly any Dortmunder’s offensive player went on Sunday evening from the lawn, without acquaintance with Dorsch. Again and again Augsburg’s central midfielder decided and body-minded into the two-fighting. The 24-year-old cleared numerous balls and some opponents in front of the newly formed defensive chain. Exactly because of such performances, they lost the U-21 European Champion from Ghent to the Lech last summer. But much too rare he played his qualities this season so.

NIKLAS DORSCH | Tackling machine & goal dangerous | BEST OF????

Not only against the ball Dorsch knew to convince, as well as ball distributor in the game structure. The start-up and beaten from the stand Bumber over 50 meters in the run of Ruben Vargas, which was ultimately emre Can on the gate in the direction of Dortmund gate in the way, was just before the break only the most impressive of many examples. In this form, dorsch is not to replace at the FCA – just in the coming duel at the two points better tablecloth barn Arminia Bielefeld has to do Markus Weinzierl exactly this.

Weinzierl wanted to avoid “double lock”

Paint for a foul on Donyell Saw Dorsch shortly after restart the yellow card. “Everyone has seen that he did a little foul afterwards. If you are tenth against Dortmund, it’s totally hard. I really wanted to avoid that,” Winezierl explained the replacement of his best field player on this day. “It was still his fifth yellow card,” the coach added.

That means: Against Arminia, Dorsch is locked anyway. If he had captured himself against the Borussia the threatening yellow-red card, the result would have been the same with a view of the guest match on the Alm on Friday (20.30, live! At Dortmunder). His meter reading in the yellow cards would be back to four jumped back to four and it would have threatened him at the next yellow card in the final seasonal phase for another pause. That could be prevented.

Gruezo convinced – “The duel was crucial”

The forced change even had something good at the end. Carlos Gruezo came into play. He not only took over Dorsch’s position, but also his style. The Resolute Grasse Velvet Velvy Ball gain of the Ecuadorian against Axel Witsel allowed the moving train at all, the Noah Joel Sarenen Bazee concluded a few seconds later to the 1: 1 equalizer and final score. “The duel was crucial,” weinzierl praised his joker. “These are the little things where games are decided. These greed, this passion, we need this buggy strength.”

For Gruezo a success experience at the right time. Only last week at the 1: 2 against Freiburg, the 26-year-old was allowed to restore after months of forced break. First, donors were the problem, then the training backlog, then he missed an important training week because of international matches with his homeland. But in the scarce half hour he convinced. On Friday, the next chance will offer. The question of who will replace Dorsch must no longer have a vineyar.