Call of Duty

Call of Duty: Warzone: Mobile-Version des Battle-Royale

Rumors around a possible mobile version of the same as popular as popular Battle-Royale Shooters Call of Duty Warzone already existed. But only now Activision Blizzard has officially voiced itself – and the mobile game indirectly announced.

Usa el lanzamiento una vez en Battle Royale| Call of Duty Mobile|

This comes from current job advertisements that are currently looking for programmers, graphic artists and other employees. Anyone who reads something more closely to the description: “We produce a completely new, AAA mobile experience, where players can experience the exciting, flowing and large-scale action by Call of Duty Warzone on the way.”

Furthermore, this version of Call of Duty Warzone is developed from the ground up to new, whereby the specific framework conditions for a mobile game should always be in focus. In addition, there is talk of an experience that the players should inspire “for several years”. Accordingly, the project is designed very long-term, many updates seem to be as good as safe. So far, however, there is neither more detailed information about the contents of Call of Duty Warzone Mobile nor a concrete release date.

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