Trubisky follows “Big Ben” in Pittsburgh

208.2 million US dollars at Cap Space are available for player salaries for player salaries in the upcoming Regular Season 2022/23.

Of course, the result is the result that the teams can not hold all stars and top players. Negotiations, Cuts, new contracts are the result – or spectacular resignation from the resignation as that of Tom Brady on Sunday.

And even if the Free Agency starts only on this Wednesday (March 16), it’s a lot going on. A small overview, of course not complete, but contains well-known names…

10. March 202246: 38 minutes

ITK # 8: Rodgers, Wilson, Wentz: The Iron Deals in the NFL

Crazy, crazy, NFL! The last days in the league were wild. Among other things, Quarterbacks Russell Wilson and Carson Wentz has changed the teams in Blockbuster trades. We help you in this episode to keep track of the events of the last days. Kucze, Detti and Shuan from the footballery as well as grille from the Russell Wilson talk about the transfers of Russell Wilson to Denver Broncos and Carson Wentz to the Washington Commander. In addition, of course, the contract extension of Aaron Rodgers at the Green Bay Packers is a topic that makes him the highest paid player in the history of NFL. But also the tragic history of Calvin Ridley, who was blocked for a year for a year for a year, is addressed. Just like the distribution of franchise tags of individual teams and the prominently occupied market of Free Agents. Straps: This episode is about millions. Hundreds of millions! The next episode of “Icing the Russell Wilson” is available on March 24th. Photo Credit: Imago / Zuma Wire

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DENVER BRONCOS: Star quarterback Russell Wilson is brought by the Seattle Seahawks, which have also been separated from the longtime linebacker Bobby Wagner and Safety Quandre Diggs had been brought (contract for three years).

Green Bay Packers: In addition to the contract extension of Aaron Rodgers, the team from the NFC North Star Receiver Davante Adams bound by the franchise day and also kept Linebacker Preston Smith. His partner Za’daruis Smith, on the other hand, has extended the Cut, probably because the strong defender would have become too expensive.

BUFFALO BILLS: The two wide receiver Jake Kumerow (one year) and Isaiah McKenzie (two years) are kept.

Miami Dolphins: Running Back Chase Edmonds remains true to the FINS for another two years, and Tight End Mike Gissi has received the franchise day.

New England Patriots: Replacement Quarterback Brian Hoyer is available for another two years, and Safety Devin McCourty has decided on Head Coach Bill Belichick for another year.

Cincinnati Bengals: The team that has lost the Super Bowl just against the Los Angeles Rams continues to focus on the services of Safety Jessie Bates (franchise day).

Which Free Agent QB of Mitchell Trubisky, Teddy Bridgewater, & Jameis Winston, Should Steelers Sign?
Towards the Browns hunting: Amari Cooper. imago images / icon smi

Cleveland Browns: After the team from the AFC North has lost in the middle of the last season’s passport receiver Odell Beckham Jr. Gen Rams, one has now also separated from Top Receiver Jarvis Landry. This is the top address Amari Cooper from Dallas Cowboys, while Tight End David Njoku has received the franchise day.

Pittsburgh Steelers: After the career end of “Big Ben” Roethlisberger is still available to “Steel City” Mason Rudolph. But not only that: the longtime Bear’s hopesman Mitchell Trubisky, who last had been replaced by the Bills behind Josh all replacement, has now been obliged (contract for two years) – and should be established in the best case as a unregerted starter.

Las Vegas Raiders: Your top-defensive-end Maxx Crosby could not leave the team from the AFC West – and do not have it: For almost $ 100 million in four years, the strong attacker has been kept.

Los Angeles Chargers: In addition to the fast wide receiver Mike Williams, who has extended for another three years and $ 60 million, L.a. also tapped on the free market – and offensive linebacker Khalil Mack brought by the Chicago Bears.

Dallas Cowboys: Wide Receiver Michael Gallup stays and has signed for five years and over $ 60 million. In addition, next to the farewell of Amari Cooper (Browns) the franchise day for tight end Dalton Schultz has been used.

Washington Commander: As a new quarterback, the team from the US capital Carson Wentz has chosen from the Colts.

Minnesota Vikings: A few rumors around Kirk Cousins ​​and a potential farewell has given it again and time, but now the playmaker has a stroke and extended for another year. Thus, cousins ​​is under contract for 2022 and 2023 and at the same time relieves the CAP for the coming season something.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Tom Brady returns and will hit the Bucs in Munich, which has been the great news of this offseason. In addition, Wide Receiver Chris Godwin has received the franchise day, while the high-performance, strong and reliable Center Ryan Jensen has extended for three more years.

Arizona Cardinals: Running Back James Conner has been active after his farewell by the Steelers last a year for the cards, has posted 15 Rushing Touchdowns and now promised $ 21 million for three more years and potential $ 21 million. Tight End Zach Ertz has also been held (contract for three years).