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Fortnite: code to get the doctor who to play on its new map

The first season of Fortnite’s chapter 3 is about to end, but to make us wait until the next episode of Battle Royale, Epic Games invites us to a small new collaboration.

It is a new creative map, imagined in association with the license of Doctor Who , one of the most venerated science fiction series. And what will interest the players even more is the free spray it offers!

How to get the spray for free?

The code to get the free spray is revealed at the end of Doctor Who’s Map, but if you do not want to take your time playing in this game mode, here is the code, to enter the Fortnite Exchange Program :


My *NEW* Map!

Once this code is introduced, you will receive the object directly into your account.

How to play on the Map of Doctor Who?

The specific map created for the occasion did not imagine prison. It is the result of a collaboration between Epic Games and Quantumbuilds. There is nothing that prevents you from going there before it is too late. The code to access the map from the creative menu is as follows:

  • 3610-1396-4646