Gladbach: Violent tensions between Hütter and his stars?

Football Bundesliga club Borussia Mönchengladbach wants to somehow save his messaging season in the remaining games. But that’s how the Gladbacher has to create their internal quarrels from the world. Because until most recently, there were evidently violent tensions in relation between head coach Adi Hütter and his team.

Borussia Munchen Gladbach - Feyenoord Rotterdam

According to a report of the “Hütters Picture”, rpfishes between some Gladbach players and their coach ADI Hütter came up in the past few weeks. Have brought the stone into the rolling Midfiel-Routinier Christoph Kramer with his harsh and public criticism after the 2-3 defeat against VfB Stuttgart on the 25th matchday.

The 31-year-old had been reported to “Sky” resigned in his analysis after the game and “genuine many construction sites” disclosed. “We are heavy with the deep defending,” he had questioned the tactical approach.

Those remarks came in Adi Hütter and Hütters director Roland Virkus anything but good. Kramer had to go to the Rapport at the Eberl successor, it says. Hütter shouted to the Hütters sheet on the day after the bankruptcy in the rural to a crisis session. But at first, striker Alassane Pléa caused anger for trouble, as he came unexcused too late.

Atmosphere on Gladbach’s crisis session tense

Hütter should have doubled the fine laid down for such cases without further ado. The Frenchman should then have shown a derogatory gesture towards the Austrian.

But that’s not enough: In the course of the meeting, “Hütter Image” has developed a discussion between Hütter and Kramer. The World Champion of 2014 has shown during video analysis, which mistakes had committed the team against Stuttgart. However, Hütter did not agree with the Mittelfeldmann in all points and finally ended the discussion. The mood was tense.

Despite the quarrels, the team then made a step forward and won, in the absence of the head trainer diseased to Corona, last matchday against Hertha BSC with 2: 0 (1: 0). Ironically Alassane Pléa took over at the penalty to the 1-0, the responsibility, Christoph Kramer was replaced after 65 minutes.

In the remaining weeks, Hütter and Co. have to retract as many more points as possible to somehow come to a reconcilient season.