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All Games in Digital Direct Devolver

The Big Fancy press conference of Devolver Digital has passed! As usual, it was a cavalcade of wonders and horrors. Here are all the games they have presented, in the form of trailer!

Shadow Warrior 3 looks like an explosion of Gore and Doublures. I really can not say if a console version would be targeted for this generation or the next 1. This will happen next year on Steam.

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout has real children’s television game vibrations. This could actually create a space in the already crowded BR arena, which would really be impressive at this point. Coming in August!

Devolver Digital - Big Fancy Press Conference 2019

It’s an adventure game Action Pixel Art! You are either immediately sold or already exhausted. At this point, there is little common ground.

A horror game where you embody the monster, which will be released on July 23rd. In one way or another, Pixel Art graphics do nothing to make it less troubling.

Finally, there are Serious Sam 4. Outgoing next month, this one promises a little bit of background frame and an avalanche of monster murder. Good time! Oh and if you have 45 minutes to lose, you can consult the actual digital conference below. It’s weird, it’s meta, some would say that it’s totally useless. And yet, where would we be without?