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“Marco and Galaxy Dragon-Marco & Galaxy Dragon ~” Nintendo Switch Version will be released on April 28th. Highly cheaper, high rating Richino Bell

Publisher of HuneX is March 24, it has announced it will release “ Marco and the galaxy dragon ~ MARCO & GALAXY DRAGON ~ ” Nintendo Switch edition on April 28. Normal price including tax ¥ 2480. Than conventional domestic price, it has become easy to significantly dabbled price. In addition it is being delivered is also a trial version in Nintendo e shop.

※ published in 2019 the OP movie

“Marco and the galaxy dragon ~ MARCO & GALAXY DRAGON ~” is, draw a working girl and dragon with a large amount of CG and cartoon animation director, space opera Novell ADV. The nominal genre, has become a cartoon adventure game. Hero Marco of this work, it is a girl of memory loss multiplying the galaxy as a treasure hunter. She is 10 years ago, Marco she lived in the earth, she had attracted attention as a genius piano little girl. However, one day came her kidnapping, Marco would be taken away into space. She is she is now, but she has her treasure hunt as a member of the galaxy one thief population, Marco loses her memory in her Earth, she is never seen treasure “of her I was looking for a mother. “

One day, Marco rob the jewelry that lizard stone in her ruins. However, referred to as the lizard stone has been put the power to be able to dominate the galaxy, risk population had been aimed at the st1. Returning remain with the lizard stone harm extends to family. Thought so Marco, she exhibited to the auction to sell the lizard st1. She applied for her vacation incidentally, a visit to her hometown of Earth.

Various characters appeared in Sakuchu. Are the “Marco is the most delicious to eat when” the promise, of the galaxy dragon Arco. Girl appear aimed at the lizard stone Haqua. Destroyed star of the girls and was, also appeared girls who live on the earth that has lost a variety of things. And fight for the fate of the galaxy, her mother’s memory. A girl and a galaxy dragon of friendship of memory loss is drawn.

This film, as is a rough genre corresponding to the novel game. Sentence by depicting the character of the behavior and situation, directing the scene at the falling picture and CG. By going to continue reading the text, the story unfolds. In this work, however, it has a different flavor from the general Novell game mainly by the production. More specifically, the scene immediately after the start of the game Marco steal a lizard stone, whole expressed in animation and voice. Etc. In addition to chapter lot of movement have also been drawn in the anime itself, the story progresses in the picture and sound.

In addition, even in the scene depicted in the format of the novel game, such as CG every few lines when fast is replaced, the scene is projected by a large amount of CG. And 1000 or more sheets of CG · still, and luxurious effects by cartoon-style animation, but not the story of this work is depicted.

Although the play time and roughly about three hours short, because the scene is quickly developed by CG and animation, content supply density for play time is high. While drawing the right course to serious, it would be a feature that the story has been colored bright due to the strong character to our habit. Further, according to the store description of the Nintendo e shop, but so directing some of the PC original version is different from the Nintendo Switch version.
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Adjust the play time mentioned


It was developed by this work, domestic TOKYOTOON. Dove Mr. planning and screenplay, and had their tree Mr. sky the character design, the staff of the “Nora and daughter and stray cat Heart” by the girl game brand “HARUKAZE” is produced. This work, released in February 2020 as for the PC. In Steam, out of 3700 of more than users reviews, it has acquired the status of “overwhelming popularity” to obtain 98 percent of the popular. In the domestic review, such as the effect using a large amount of CG and cartoon-style animation, it seems to have led to the popularity. Although the domestic price of the PC version has become a normal 7800 yen, Nintendo Switch version is ¥ 2480. Still cheaper than the price at the time of sale at Steam, it would also be a feature of the Nintendo Switch version that is 1 or less of the price of 3 minutes.

“Marco and the galaxy dragon ~ MARCO & GALAXY DRAGON ~” Nintendo Switch version, will be released at 2480 yen on April 28. Nintendo in the e shop, 10 percent off of sale or trial version of the distribution is being carried out.