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Warzone Season 2 Reloaded optimizes many weapons, but not the BREN

Raven Software leads next to the Armaguerra 43 SMG and a revision of Rebirth Island in Season 2 Reloaded another important weapon balancing update for Call of Duty Warz1. However, a powerful weapon that occurs regularly in the Warzone Meta is released again. BREN from Call of Duty Vanguard was still not generated – but it can not be too far away anymore.

However, the reloaded update for Season 2 could still force some players to change their best Warzone Loadouts. Ravens Waffenbalancing Changes include Important Nerfs for Vargo 52 of Black Ops Cold was and attachments for the all-way popular welgun – a Vanguard SMG.

In addition, the Hollow Point Munition was generated – after the update, your damage range was reduced by 20%. This is a popular attachment option for some of the best warzone weapons and could have a big impact on the best weapons constructions of the future.

“Hollow Point was heavily based by Submachine Guns,” says Raven Software in its relay 2 newly loaded patchoties. “Its prior to damage rates would rarely affect the most common attack removals. This adaptation of the ammunition gives a powerful tool, you just have to approach something. “

Interestingly, the recoil pattern of the folk tower rifle was adjusted and muted to resolve visibility problems, although the values ​​have not changed.

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A new LTE REBIRTH Reinforced, arms retail stations, usable buying stations, new modes, a new weapon, new operators, new gameplay and more!

The patch notes are available at:

Warzone Season 2 Reloaded Patch Notes | Rebirth Reinforced Map Changes, New SMG, & More!

  • Raven software (@ravensoftware) 23. March 2022

In addition, the SVT-40 had a 16% projector speed and almost every melee weapon now triggers a melee-finisher at the second beat in a row. This was done to combat the increase in basic health in the new standard battle-royal mode of Warzone – which has risen from 100 to 150.

Despite the fact that each Vanguard shotgun receives a 10% damage bonus, we are not sure if the Warzone Meta will change too much. However, this is not the last weapon balancing update – who knows what the future brings.