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One Piece Odyssey: a new game that mixes adventure and rpg, first trailer

ONE PIECE ODYSSEY - Announcement Trailer
It had been a few years since we had not been entitled to a new video game One Piece, the last going back to 2019 and had little excited crowds. It was called One Piece World Seeker and lacked both VALUE production and videoludic ambition too. But it was without counting on the show One Piece News Coo Online that ended a few minutes ago with the announcement of One Piece Odyssey, new game featuring Luffy and his girlfriend’s band. Developed by ILCA Inc., it is a game mixing adventure and RPG with a written story by Eiichiro Oda in person, but who has also been busy with the design of characters and monsters in the game. We do not know big -Chose for the moment and this despite the intervention of Tsuzuki Katsuaki, producer of the game at Bandai Namco, but the game seems to want to resume the codes of classic RPGs, with a lot of exploration, a constant evolution of the characters and fights of Boss to hold us in breath.

The exit of One Piece Odyssey is expected for 2022 on PC, PS5, Xbox Series, PS4 and Xbox One.