Flakked of G2 finds that Rogues Lec Bot Lane is better than Fnatic

There are three certainty in life: death, taxes and fnatic vs. g2 esports – whatever the escort may be – always an absolute blast. The draw in the LEC Spring Playoffs 2022 this weekend between the two remained faithful to his shape, when G2 Esports finally lost 1: 3 against the guys in black and orange after a first-class League of Legends performance.

Although G2 now has to run the Fehdehandschuh in the lower bracket, Botlaner Victor, Flakked ‘lirola is quite satisfied with the performance of the team throughout the series. “From one to ten I would give us 7.5,” he says The PC Player 24 in an interview after the game. “I think we have to improve the little details and we will come back to the final, and we will try to avenge Fnatic.”

In the run-up to the series, the Spaniard was on the recipient side of some kindly friendly trashtalk of Fnatic Jungler and Landsmann Iván, Razork ‘Díaz. Before they found their homeland in the LEC, the two had a history of showdowns in the Spanish Superliga – Flakked represented at that time S2V Esports, while Razork spliced ​​the jersey of the Vodafone Giants. While this friendlike rivalry persists, there is nothing but love between the two players.

“We have this measure of friendship, where we try to joke each other every time we can,” says Flakked with a grin. “I really like him and Fnatic was a better team today, so I’m very happy for you and especially for Razork, because I think he also played well.”

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When Flakked came into the series, he had only two performances at Aphelios in this separation, with both times with a defeat ended. However, after the champion was dropped due to the bad results for the remainder of the regular season, the team brought him back to strengthen his traction for the games against Fnatic. However, how flakked admits, it may be too late for the preparations of G2.

“We’ve started recently – maybe two days ago,” he says, “So I did not have too much [Time to] focus on the champion, but it’s one of my consolation picks.” In addition, the bot had Lane from G2 The little enviable task to curb the current officer of the LEC All-Pro First Teams Elias, Upset ‘Lipp and Zdravets, Hylissang’ Galabov – a duo that both Flakked and Partner Raphaël, Targamas’ Crabbé had mixed success against The regular split.

“I worked a lot alone and with Targamas in the break between the regular split and the playoffs,” says Flakked, “because my personal opinion is our top / mid / Jungle better than Fnatic. So in my head, I only thought: “If we manage to keep them [we’ll win]. ‘”

While it did not quite work for G2, Flakked is here despite some misconceptions here and mostly satisfied with how Targamas and he played in the lanning phase. “I think we managed to keep it,” he says, “and we even progressed on some trains, which I’m really happy, and that gave me a lot of confidence.”

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Upset and Hylissang have been considered Europe’s best couple on the Lane Lane, but Flakked believes that there is another duo to play in a 2v2 even more difficult – Rogues Markos, Comp ‘Stamopoulos and Adrian, Tymbi’ Trybus.

“COMM and TRYMBI are somehow underestimated,” he says. “After playing against the Bot Lanes of Fnatic and Rogue, I feel that Rogue’s is the best.”

On the request for further explanations Flakked lifts the aggressiveness of Comp – not only on the Lane, but also during team struggles – as an outstanding factor. Although he of course thinks that “Upset is also damn crazy”.

Since the LEC has many talented Bot Lanes, Flakked is pleased to train against the best that Europe has to offer. “It’s really crazy,” he says. “If you come out of an Erl, you can not play much against really good Lec or TCL teams, unless you are a really good team.

“So in the first month [AS at Lec Player] You will learn a lot of cheese or different ways to play your matchups. Everything will become a mental game, because sometimes they make pressure and you think, the Jungler is there, but then the youngler is the top lane. Or sometimes – Fnatic did it today – they fool 20 times and you fight against them and boom, Jungler is there. I think at this point everyone is so damn crazy that it’s all about who can be the smartest. Flakked will have another opportunity to assert its claim to belong to the best Botlanians of the region if G2 Esports starts this Friday in the lower row against Team Vitality.