Fan information to the Westphalia Cup

On Wednesday evening, our eagle carriers fight in Krombacher Westphalian Cup semi-finals around the entry into the final of the dressing board. Opponent is the third division Sc Verl, kick-off is at 19:30, the stadium and the day courses will be opened 90 minutes before the start of the game. Corona-conditioned restrictions has not existed since April 2, but we appeal urgently to a responsible stadium visit. Tickets for the game are available in online ticket shop and on the matchday at the evening cash.

2G, 2G-Plus, 3G – all this is one of the past since April 2. Since then, the regulatory requirements do not see Corona-related restrictions for the visit of the Prussia Stadium. There is thus anyone who can show a valid ticket. Despite the loss of general mask obligation, we ask all stadium visitors around Responsible action and mutual consideration . Voluntarily wear a mask when it gets tight – whether inside or outside.

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On Wednesday evening, all stadium ranges – ie headstands, standing places and the guest block – are opened. The blocks A / B and K-O use the main entrance, the blocks C-F access on the mountain Fidel. The paid parking p1, p2 and p4 are available to the prussia fans. The ticket is considered the bus ticket of the price stage 0. Bus lines 1, 5 and 9 bring the Prussia fans quickly and easily to the door.

Cup conference in Facebook Livestream of the FLVW

This year’s semi-final games are streamed live and commented in a conference call. The Football and Athletics Association Westphalia (FLVW) transmits the games in cooperation with “the leagues” exclusively on his Facebook channel.

In order to pursue the lots on the Internet, neither a Facebook account nor a registration in the social network is necessary. Click on the link facebook.com / flvw.de / live .