Lost Ark: Fill aura of resonance

Her farming loving chaosing sounds in Lost Ark, finds the limit of only two lucrative dungeons a day but Total stupid? Watch! We show you in this guide:

  • What it has with the aura of the response

  • How to recharge the aura
  • What the Rukebonus brings you

You want to sneak through the chaosing sounds faster? Then look at our guide to the engravings.

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What is the aura of the resonance?

In order for their heaps of armor, weapons and evaluation materials from the chaosing sounds, you first need one: the aura of the resonance. She is quasi your ticket to good loot and limit to a limit of 100. Pro dungeon visit uses 50 aura of the resonance.

What Are Aura of Resonance Recovery Elixirs? | Lost Ark

That means you can visit two chaosing sounds that grant you full prey. Then your aura is used up and the dungeons give you only perceptual fragments and crystals of the disorder (at higher levels then guard fragments and fragments of the purification). These can trade in dealers against objects, such as harmony jumpers. These are essential for upgrading your weapons and armor. Just take a look at our guide to farming harmony jumping stones, if you want to know more.

How do I fill up the aura of the resonance?

Your aura of the resonance is filled back to 100 every day at 10 o’clock server time – so you only need patience. To shorten this waiting time is so far only possible with an object: the aura-resonance regeneration selector.

If you use the elixir, you will charge 50 aura of the resonance directly. An elixir corresponds to a chaostrip with full booty.

Where can I get the regeneration standard?

So far, there is only one source from which the elixirs produce regularly: the registration event. At this event, you will receive all sorts of items for daily login with your account – as well as the Aura-the-resonance regeneration elixir. The vials full of luck there is only on day 10, so patience you should bring along.

But if you hold the elixirs in hands, but you will notice that they are marked with a time limit (7 days). You must have emptied the bottles within a week, otherwise they fall. Do not let themselves out, because the regeneration elixirers begin their countdown when they land in your mailbox.

How works in Lost Ark

If you already have your regeneration standardization, but you can not log in one day, your aura of resonance is not completely wasted. You get through excess daily aura the so-called Ruindebonus. Is this bonus active, you get in chaosing sounds double prey. As a result, you can quickly unlock in progress, if you are not online for a few days.

Per 100 unused aura of the response, you will receive 20 Rukebonus, up to a limit of 100. So you can be inactive for 5 days until you reach the cap. Per successful completion of a chaostrip with aura of the response, 20 Rukebonus are consumed again.

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