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The content patch of Final Battle for Azeroth arrives in January

Visions of N'Zoth Survival Guide - Update Live on January 14
According to Blizzard developers, Battle for Azeroth will receive its latest content patch on January 14 as the latest big patch before Shadowlands released in 2020. The new patch is called Visions of N’Zoth and it presents Vulpe to players of the Horde as their new allied breed while the Alliance has mechagnomas to hope in January. There is apparently a new twelve boss raid which should keep the PVE players engaged during the months preceding the release in 2020 of the next extension, Shadowlands.

The raid introduced with Visions of N’Zoth culminates against the old N’Zoth God, which should be an epic conclusion to Battle for Azeroth and has been teasing since the launch of Battle for Azeroth. As fixes have been published for expansion, more and more clues have suggested that N-Zoth plays a huge role, in particular with regard to Queen Azshara and the implications of this story. Although a superficial level, the expansion concerns the eternal struggle between the horde and the covenant, the old god N’Zoth has all the time drawn from the strings.

While the warriors of Azeroth finally lead the fight in N’Zoth, several speculate on whom will be the twelve bosses. Although Battle for Azeroth was not the most positive expansion of World of Warcraft, it tells a great story by prefiguring the future content because they have laid the foundations of the future successor, Shadowlands. Although Blizzard says that it is the last big drop in content before Shadowlands, players can always expect a big patch days, sometimes weeks, before the launch of new extensions if the story gives an indication of what will happen.

Are you enthusiastic about the Grand Patch Visions of N’Zoth or have you abandoned World of Warcraft before the release of Battle for Azeroth? Which allied breed are you going to do first? Let us know in the comments below!