Lee Sang -heon, the game industry, I hope to leave the Ministry of Culture and Industry

The Game Industry Leadership is the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. It has been argued that our game industry wants to get out of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. This is due to the expectation that the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy or the Ministry of Science and ICT will be in charge of the game industry.

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On the 2nd, Lee Sang -heon, along with Lee Sang -heon, asked the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, a candidate for the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism. When asked, “Do you think that the candidate is the best part of the game policy?”

Lee said, “Unfortunately, the private game industry seems to have a different idea.” “Because of the nature of the ministry, there is an expectation that the deregulation will be deregulated only by taking the game industry in the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy or the Ministry of Science and Technology.”

Representative Lee Sang -heon also mentioned ‘Trucks’, which was implemented by the user. When asked if he knew the cause of the truck, Park replied, “I understand that the interests of the game users are not properly protected.” Then, Lee said, “But the idea of the game industry is different,” he said. “We continue to insist that we should regulate the probability -type item problem by autonomy, and we are demanding deregulation instead of the protection of users’ rights even after the truck.”.

Park said, “I think that the game culture is necessary to disclose the probability in order to develop a healthy game culture personally,” he said. “I think regulatory system is needed at reasonable level to restore user trust.”

Lee said, “Yoon Seok -yeol has also pledged that legal regulations are needed for the probability -type item issue as a candidate.” He added, “Keep in mind that if you don’t keep it, it’s like a 2030 generation.” Park replied that he would keep in mind Lee.

Lastly, Lee Sang -heon said, “In order for the game industry to grow properly, industrial promotion and user protection policies must be balanced. So quantitative growth and qualitative growth are possible at the same time.”. We have to push the right game policy strongly. “